Lightning in a bottle

Lightning in a bottle

            Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to mix electricity and water? Yes, she did, and that’s correct you shouldn’t do that because you could electrocute yourself. Aetheric energy is a different story; this energy is not easily contained for long. It slips through almost everything and there is no metal, glass or plastic that can contain it. Although it is attracted to certain things like water, geometric shapes, and quartz crystals. We’ve all experienced this energy when we get a shock after sliding our feet on the carpet and touching a metal doorknob or another person. By using my Tesla coil I made, which is known to produce static electricity (that I refer to as miniature lightning bolts or aetheric energy), I have created a way to reproduce the ancients water which empowers the spirit and the mind through the body.

            In the Grand Canyon, at an ancient Native American site, they found a room which had a lightning rod 3 inch in diameter descending through the cliff where it ended at a large water bowl in a small room. In this chamber, the walls were covered with white powder. This white powder is believed to be the same stuff found in the Kings chamber of the Pyramid of Giza.

            The Egyptians and the Israelites ate a food called Bread of Life or Manna Bread. This was a white powder made from gold which when heated to a certain temperature turns to a clear glass-like state, this crystal was then ground into a fine white powder and eaten. This powder turns on the sleeper genes that lie dormant within all of us, what modern scientists call junk genes. However these genes are far from junk, they are in fact genes from God himself. The bible says that man was made in God’s image and so he was. Your aura will return to its original state of glowing bright light surrounding your entire body, you will experience oneness. I’m sure you’ve heard that we only use a fraction of our brain and that’s because we have not been turned on yet. ‘Manna Bread’ will turn your brain on to its maximum power allowing your spirit to become alive and powerful. When you’re high in spirits it affects your mind which in turn affects your body.

            There are many references to white powder or manna included in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, as well as the Bible. You may be familiar with the story of Moses burning down the Golden calf mixing it in water and feeding it to the Israelites before they must go on a long journey. Moses, just like the Magi (the 3 wise men) knew of this ancient knowledge that has been lost over time.

            Life force energy, also known as Aetheric energy, works on the spirit level. When the spirit becomes sad, lost, unhappy, upset, or unable to fulfill its task, the body follows with sickness and disease, accidents and disorders of all kinds. Whatever has happened to the body has already happened to the spirit, so it does little good to address a body problem if you don’t address the problem of the spirit as well.

            It is commonly accepted that we are mostly made up of water and that it is imperative for us to consume it for our daily functions. The ancients always talked about a different kind of water. I’m sure you’ve heard of the stories of the Fountain of Youth or the Water of Life. We typically picture this as literally changing us to a childlike state rather than simply being returned in spirit and in health of a child who hasn’t accumulated any problems. Since taking these Ormus minerals and drinking this water daily I feel like I’m 18 again when I can eat anything I want, I haven’t got sick and I no longer have back problems. I’m mentally sharper and feel more connected to my higher self otherwise called my intuition.

            Sources of miracle healing water have been popping up all over the world the last few decades. It is even rumored that Magic Johnson visited the site in Tlacote Mexico where millions of people have traveled long distances to receive this water. Other places known to have this miraculous water around the world are Nordenau Germany, Nadana India, Lourdes France, and in China and Japan. Instead of traveling to these places it is now possible recreate this aetherically charged water.




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Lightning in a bottle

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