The Eck Elixir Collodial Edition

ECK (Hindi word for "one;" Sanskrit eka) is defined as "the totality of all awareness," "the audible life stream," "the living power that embraces the whole universes of God;" in brief, the essence of the Divine, the spirit.

So this elixir is the totality of all the Colloidal Minerals I currently have. This includes all the 999 Pure Elements(52), Colloidal Alloys(5), Exotic Colloidals(7), Extraterrestial Colloidals(11), High Concentration(1),and Terrestrial Colloidals(18), and Crystal Colloidals(9)

= 102 different colloidals Currently


999 Pure Elemental Colloidals(52)

Colloidal Antimony

Colloidal Bismuth

Colloidal Boron

Colloidal Carbon

Colloidal Cerium

Colloidal Chromium

Colloidal Cobalt

Colloidal Copper

Colloidal Dysprosium

Colloidal Erbium

Colloidal Gadolinium

Colloidal Gallium

Colloidal Germanium

Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Hafnium

Colloidal Holmium

Colloidal Indium

Colloidal Iridium

Colloidal Iron

Colloidal Lanthanum

Colloidal Lutetium

Colloidal Magnesium

Colloidal Manganese

Colloidal Molybdenum

Colloidal Neodymium

Colloidal Nickel

Colloidal Niobium

Colloidal Osmium

Colloidal Palladium

Colloidal Platinum

Colloidal Praseodymium

Colloidal Rhenium

Colloidal Rhodium

Colloidal Ruthenium

Colloidal Samarium

Colloidal Scandium

Colloidal Selenium

Colloidal Silicon

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Tantalum

Colloidal Tellurium

Colloidal Terbium

Colloidal Thulium

Colloidal Tin

Colloidal Titanium

Colloidal Tungsten

Colloidal Vanadium

Colloidal Ytterbium

Colloidal Yttruim

Colloidal Zinc

Colloidal Zirconium


Colloidal Alloys(5)

18K Rose Gold Colloidals

Colloidal Electrum

Colloidal Nitinol

Orichalcum Colloidals

Tungsten Carbide Colloidals


Exotic Colloidals(7)


Colloidal KT Boundary

Colloidal Septarian Dragon Egg

Dragon's Blood Colloidals

Pyrite Ammonite Colloidals

Triceratops Brow Horn Colloidals

Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth Colloidals

Velociraptor Egg Shell Colloidals


Extraterrestial Colloidal(11)


NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Colloidals

NWA 8668 Lunar Meteorite Colloidals

Colloidal Allende Meteorite

Colloidal Brenham Meteorite

Colloidal Campo del Cielo (Field of Heaven) Meteorite

Colloidal Canyon Diablo Meteorite

Colloidal KT Boundary

Colloidal Murchison Meteorite

Dhofar 019 Martian Meteorite Colloidals

Gibeon Meteorite Colloidals

Tatahouine Meteorite Colloidals


High Concentration(1)


Purple Gold


Terrestrial Colloidals(18)


Colloidal BioChar

Colloidal Blue Diamond

Colloidal Calcite

Colloidal Carborundum

Colloidal Graphite

Colloidal KT Boundary

Colloidal Lapis Lazuli

Colloidal Magnetite

Colloidal Obsidian

Colloidal Peacock Ore

Colloidal Proustite

Colloidal Pyrite

Colloidal Shungite

Fulgurite Colloidals

Mystic Merlinite Colloidals

Sodalite Colloidals

Tranquillityite Colloidals

Ulexite "TV Rock" Colloidals


Crystal Colloidals(9)


Amethyst Colloidals

Citrine Colloidals

Boji Female Colloidals

Boji Male Colloidals

Emerald Colloidals

Garnet Colloidals

Ruby Colloidals

Sapphire Colloidals

Titanium Quartz Colloidals

The Eck Elixir Collodial Edition

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