EMF Eliminator

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Grounding is a very important concept that I learned from David Wolfe when I met him in Enota 2011. You can find out more information about the amazing health benefits of grounding or 'Earthing' by going to Groundology.com or here's a good youtube video that shows some amazing changes to get you started:


I make a simple device that plugs into your wall outlet which is attached by a bracelet with a metal conductor on it. You just have to make sure your electrical outlet is properly grounded by using an outlet Ground Wire Tester and make for certain you plug it into a surge protector to protect you from well, surges. There is a buying option to include the tester if needed.

Healing negative ions come from the earth's magnetic energy up through the ground wire, so it's a great way to connect to this healing energy while in the comfort of your home. I like to wear this while I sleep and if I need to get up, then I simply unsnap my bracelet, then snap it back on when I'm back in bed.

Get connected to the healing energy from the earth.

           UnGrounded Blood               VS              Grounded Blood

EMF Eliminator

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