Gibeon Meteorite Colloidals


Bead:    Solid meteorite

Bead:   6 x 6 mm

Hole:   1 ~ 1.2 mm

Weight:   0.9g 

Mineral Composition: 91.8% Iron; 7.7% Nickel; 0.5% Cobalt; 0.04% Phosphorus; 2.4 ppm Iridium; 197 ppm Gallium; and 0.111 ppm Germanium.

One of the most well-known meteorite is the Gibeon meteorites that slammed into Earth roughly 30,000 years ago.  They entered at 17 miles per second.  Most of the meteorite exploded high above the Earth.  And from this explosion, thousands of fragments showered a large region of what is known today as Namibia, South Africa.  Before that, this same, huge meteor had been orbiting Earth for millions of years before it got sucked into the gravitational pull.  It is estimated to be four billion years old!  The Gibeon meteorite is known as the “king of irons,” because of many factors.  It has stability, beauty and is easy to work with from a metal standpoint.  Most meteorite jewelry comes from the Gibeon.   

Widmanstatten patterns

There are ‘patterns’ in the different types of meteors, in the Gibeon there is a gorgeous crystalline patterns known as Widmanstatten patterns, which is unique to meteorites. These patterns can only form over millions of years of cooling. It is such a unique condition that scientists cannot copy it here on Earth. These patterns actually tell a scientist how long it took for the molten meteorite to cool. It has been estimated that it took about 1000 years for these molten pieces of planetary core to cool by just 1 degree Celsius!

Only meteorites exhibit the Widmanstatten pattern and each piece of meteorite has its own unique pattern.  Lines and patterns are the result of cooling in outer space over billions of years and etching slices with dilute nitric acid allow these patterns known as “Widmanstatten lines” to be more visible.


Meteoric iron is used for alignment and balancing; it symbolizes the aptitude and strength required for endurance. Nickel is thought to purify the blood and increase the body's iron content.



Stress is meteorite central.  Uranus rules the parasympathetic nervous system, shocks, trauma and unexpected events that upset us.  Like cures like.  If you’re stressed out, traumatized, ect., with a transit or progression of Uranus to your natal chart, wearing meteorite can actually calm you down.  It’s a destressor. 

This energy brings “light” bulb time to our jammed up/clogged up and constipated right hemisphere of our brain.  It ‘sheds light’ so that we figure out another way to overcome a hurdle and get on with our lives.  Or with an idea or project.  You might say that Meteorite is the lightning of the gemstone world; it unclogs the debris in our right hemisphere so that we’re flushed clean with new possibilities.  When the psychic channels of the right hemisphere are cleaned out, amazing new ideas, intuitions and hunches can once more flow with ease.

   When you consider meteorites were once part of a planet, we can look at it metaphorically.  What in your life needs to be recobbled, redesigned, blown apart and put back together again?  Has your life suddenly blown up like this planet?  Are you feeling as if you are nothing but fragments of your former self?  Many of us experience a breakdown in order to get a breakthrough.  This can be on any level: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or a combination.  If you feel your world is literally exploding apart and you are traumatized and paralyzed by the changes, Meteorite is just the energy you need.  It can help you redesign your life.

Gibeon Meteorite Colloidals

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