Boji Pair Colloidals

Boji® Stones/Kansas Pop Rocks work best in pairs of one male and one female. The female stone is smoother, and the male stone is more heavily crystallized with jagged edges. These stones are Iron Concretions, and they all contain Pyrite and Palladium. Palladium is an exceptional healer. They are very grounding. These pairs align all of the Chakras and all of the bodies (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etc.).

Boji Stones® come from the base of a natural pyramid mount in the SW corner of Kansas. Boji Stones® usually come in pairs, a smoother stone which has Yin or female energy and is referred to as the female, and a rougher stone that has Yang or masculine energy and is referred to as the male.

Boji Stones®  are excellent for balancing energy and polarities of all kinds. They are used a lot in energy healing and psychic healing to release blockages. They are also often used to balance the chakras and align them.

Boji Stones® are excellent for grounding excess energies, grounding people who are feeling "spacey", and for shielding. In the both the household plant pots and out in nature, Boji Stones® are used to promote plant growth.

Boji Stones® are also used in crystal healing for arthritis, back pain, general healing, regeneration of cells, adrenal glands, chronic fatigue, and physical energy. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Kansas Pop Rocks align all of the bodies as well as all of the Chakras. They also balance the Chakras among themselves. These are excellent grounding and protective crystals.

These crystals promote initiative as well as independence. They work best when kept within your aura, and they work best when the male is on one side and the female is on the other. You can hold one in each hand and move them towards each other and then away from each other.

These crystals can help you communicate telepathically with plants and animals.

A fun fact about Boji® stones that I have always found really interesting is that they are held together by the energy within, and are known to disintegrate out of nowhere, (usually once they are done with their “work”). As well as if they are left on the ground the energy will leave them eventually, also causing them to disintegrate and decay. It has been compared before to a human body, the life force “prana” energy within the rock keeps it a solid, and when that energy leaves the stone the body dies away.


THE HISTORY OF Boji Stones aka Kansas Pop Rocks

Kansas Pop Rocks are found around the bottom of a natural chalk, sea created, pyramid. Geologists say this pyramid shaped white butte (chalk composition) is where these stones are found. The word “Boji” is a USA Trademark owned by Karen and Jerry Gillespie. They have property by the chalk butte where these rocks occur all around it. And other people own other areas around this chalk formation as well. These rocks also have a more local name of Kansas Pop Rocks. That isn’t trademarked. It could be said that the marketing around Boji’s should be evenly distributed and shared with the fact that the same stones are also known as something far less glamorous, “Kansas Pop Rocks.”

Kansas Pop Rocks are concretions of either iron sulfide, i.e. pyrite and marcasite, or in some cases jarosite, which are found in outcrops of the Smoky Hill Chalk Member of the Niobrara Formation within Gove County, Kansas. The way they got their name,”pop rock,” is that they would explode if thrown into a fire. Also, when struck or hammered, they produce sparks and a distinct sulfur smell.

The fact is that these Pop Rocks at Smoky Hill Chalk Member were created by the precipitation of iron sulfides leaking in with dead marine animals in what is called a “calcareous (calcium/sedimentary) ooze” after it accumulated and before it had lithified into chalk. At the time Kansas Pop Rocks were created, Kansas was a vast inland sea during the Cretaceous period. These rounded or oblong concretions then formed over millions of years. Nowadays geologists and amateurs and professionals alike go to this area to hunt for ancient shark teeth and shark skeletons. The “pop rocks” just happen to be there intermixed among the more sought after fossilized extinct shark and other marine animals and shells.

It goes back to logic that the one Pop Rock with Iron fragments sticking up and out of it brings to mind a more fundamental, straight ahead kind of energy. Sort of “in-your-face” kind of energy. And the only energy that can do that is male energy. Male is forthright, assertive, aggressive and this would fit the roughened Pop Rock personality type of stone. It is the “fire” element as the primary force within it. Its energy is far more palpable than in the female stone.

The other type of Pop Rock is much smoother and although it too contains iron, it’s not sticking up and out of it like a porcupine. This stone has INTEGRATED it’s iron so that its has seamlessly become a part of it. The only energy that can do that is FEMININE energy. Female energy is inclusive (not exclusive like male energy). This energy brings all elements together so that it is homogenized, blended and gets along–like a good cake recipe. This one symbolizes the “water” element as the primary force within it. In other words, this stone can help a person integrate the disparate and wounded emotional parts of themselves toward more harmony.

Knowing what we know now, based upon geological information and observation of what the Pop Rock looks like, we can now move into possible applications of how it might work with us to heal us. Since the smoother ovoid Pop Rock is female energy, the rough one is more bristly is the male energy. We too, have male and female energy within us, too. If I were to draw a line down the center of our body from head to feet, we would have a left and right half. Our LEFT side is symbolic feminine energy. We are receptive on this side and we absorb from the left (anything, energy, people’s thoughts, their emotions, ect.) Our RIGHT side is symbolic male energy expression. We send OUT energy from ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, ect., from this side of our body.


Every person encounters trauma in their life. It’s just a question of when and what shape it takes form to shake us up. Trauma is especially harmful to our Adrenal glands. Trauma stones can help assist us in dealing with every day living while living with the ‘hell’ inside ourselves caused by high cortisol levels. The gemstone can equalize the playing field from the standpoint that it aids us in knowing what’s going on inside of us and that we don’t want to harm others outside of us with whatever feelings of anxiety, anger or fear that we’re wrestling with. It can help us make the right choice and not over react with others. And that’s an important step in harnessing this awful ‘storm’ that occurs because of PTSD inside us. Boji stone assist us by cleaning out our chakras so that we can begin to function fully in order to heal ourselves.


This is a gemstone that has the ability to draw the person’s astral body back into their physical body. Many people nowadays are ‘hanging out of their body,’ due to the stress, pressure and demands of our out-of-control world. It can also occur after an accident or injury where shock will knock the astral body partly out of the person’s body. People who aren’t grounded become “spacy” and then forgetful, late for appointments, or forgetting them completely. Worse, they have no desire to do anything. They feel like they’re in a vacuum and have no sense of purpose or direction. They lack discipline, organization and rarely complete what they start. They are often ‘dreamers’ but they can’t physical manifest it because they are not ‘home’ in their body.

The other way a grounding stone may help is to draw the roots from the Root chakra down through the person’s legs, through their feet to once more ground them into the Earth. A healthy person has roots of energy from this base chakra going far down into the earth. Their astral body is “locked” into their physical form completely. When this occurs, this person has discipline, organization and finishes what they start. They also have purpose, a vision and work toward it with vigor and passion. Being grounded is essential for living down here on our Earth. Otherwise, if ungrounded, a person will wander and float aimlessly through life accomplishing very little. Boji Stones function to bring the energy of the Root chakra back down through our legs and feet to ground us one more into the Earth.



Boji Pair Colloidals

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