Agatized Dinosaur Bone Colloidals

This is colloidal minerals made from a piece of an Agatized Dinosaur Bone Slab with Dark RED/ORANGE BLOOD CELLS! This is such an amazing agate slab of fossilized dinosaur bone that comes from Utah. Here, you can see the distinct red blood cells that have been forever preserved for all of us to see.

Dinosaur bones fossilize have the ability to draw the person’s astral body back into their physical body. Many people nowadays are ‘hanging out of their body,’ due to the stress, pressure and demands of our out-of-control world.   It can also occur after an accident or injury where shock will knock the astral body partly out of the person’s body.   People who aren’t grounded become “spacy” and then forgetful, late for appointments, or forgetting them completely.  Worse, they have no desire to do anything.  They feel like they’re in a vacuum and have no sense of purpose or direction.  They lack discipline, organization and rarely complete what they start.  They are often ‘dreamers’ but they can’t physical manifest it because they are not ‘home’ in their body.

The other way a grounding stone may help is to draw the roots from the Root chakra down through the person’s legs, through their feet to once more ground them into the Earth.  A healthy person has roots of energy from this base chakra going far down into the earth. Their astral body is “locked” into their physical form completely.  When this occurs, this person has discipline, organization and finishes what they start.  They also have purpose, a vision and work toward it with vigor and passion.  Being grounded is essential for living down here on our Earth.  Otherwise, if ungrounded, a person will wander and float aimlessly through life accomplishing very little.

Because these bone fossils have now turned to agate, we must look at them from this perspective for starters.  There are other ways and I will discuss those in the spiritual component of this blog.  Let’s get back to Agate, because it’s a very important stone here on Mom Earth and for us.

The Agate family is vast.  It, along with Quartz and Jasper, are found just about everywhere on our planet.  Agates chemical composition is SiO2.  It has a hexagonal-R crystal system.  You can usually see banding or layers in an Agate.  Their zoning is what makes them easy to spot.  It is in bands or layers.  Their hardness is 6.5 to 7 on the Moh’s scale.  Agates are some of our most colorful stones and can come in ANY color.  They can be translucent to opaque.  They are crypto crystalline variety of the very well-known mineral, Quartz (SiO2).  Agate makes up about 12% of the Earth’s crust.  It can be found in all three types of rock: sedimentary (water, inland seas and oceans combined with sand), igneous (fire/volcanic) and metamorphic (pressure).

These fossils were create by one of the dinosaurs dying one of many ways and then the atmosphere quickly changed to keep their bones from being destroyed over time. The dinosaur fossils near Moab, Utah are roughly 135-190 million years old.  This was during the Jurassic period and at the end of what was known as the “Age of the Dinosaurs.”   All Dinosaurs became extinct during the second period of the Mesozoic era.  Interestingly, more than just the dinosaur was fossilized. So was their stomach contents and so were the trees.  Nowadays the trees are known as Petrified Wood.  And the fossilized digestive contents is called Coprolite and it is colorful material. The agatization of these fossils were from sedimentary mineralization.  Utah was part of a shallow inland sea at this time in our Earth’s history.  You had water, sand and salt and other minerals that became the perfect recipe to save these bones, digestive contents and trees.  An amazing event in and of itself.

Quartz comes in two groups and it is based upon the size of the grains or crystals that are contained within a given stone.  Macro crystalline quartz means you can see the individual crystals within it with you eye.  That would include well know quartz such as Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz Crystal, Ametrine, ect.  Agate is from the crypto crystalline variety which means the individual crystals it contains within it cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are part of the Chalcedony group as a result of this. Chalcedony stones mean they area fibrous crypto crystalline banded variety of quartz.

Agates are created by secondary origin.  They are created in cavities and veins of deposition from groundwater, hydrothermal solutions, volcanic areas, or in lining or filling rock cavities, fissures and sometimes form geodes.  They are a stone of opportunity and will be created where ever possible.  No wonder that twelve percent of our Earth’s crust is composed of agate! 

Agate was named after Achates, a Greek name for the Drillo River in Sicily, an early source of this gemstone.  In earlier times, the Sumerians made agate seals, beads and other jewelry.  It was thought that Agate gave the wearer a bold heart, relief from insomnia and pleasant dreams. It is doubtful Greeks knew that some of these Agates might have been fossilized.  There are no records to confirm or deny this one way or another.


Astrologically, the primary ruler is Jupiter for Agate.  However, fossilized Dinosaur Bones is more of a Saturn rulership because this planet rules the bones of a body.  And there’s a hefty dose of Mars thrown in here as well because it’s about survival of the fittest.

Given that so many cultures see Agate as protective, Jupiter is considered the “guardian angel” effect in a person’s chart.  And this umbrella of protection extends to even communing with the gods and goddesses or whomever you believe in.  There has always been a “good” connotation with Agate no matter what culture or time embraced it.  Agate’s secondary ruler is Saturn and Mars.  Agate is a well-known “grounding stone,” and helps people stay present, focus and in their body.  Agate bestows common sense and practicality.  It anchors a person to be “present” and in the moment, rather being dreamy or spacy.  Mars other secondary ruler is said to protect the wearer in any battle and to be victorious.  Mars is the warlord of the zodiac.  This idea of protection or ‘battle’ can be seen in more modern-day terms, too.

Back in the Dinosaur’s day, the most important item was the day was survival of the fittest.  It was a world of either eating or getting eaten.  The plant Dinosaurs such as Diplodocus were plant eaters while the meat eater, the Allosaurus, was the king at the top of the survival chart.  If I had to choose one planet, it would be Mars.  Why?  Because it’s really about survival.  These creatures lived in a very violent world.  And the only way they survived was to run or fight.  It was one or the other.  And Agate is all about protection at its base.  Mars also rules red blood cells and in some better specimens of Dinosaur Bone, you can actually SEE the red blood cells!  That’s an amazing gift that was agatized for us.  Mars also rules the Root chakra, and this gemstone is certainly all of that. 


Someone with a natal Mars with three or more hard aspects is usually termed “an accident waiting to happen.”  When Mars energy is distorted, the person can indeed have plenty of ‘accidents’ ranging from broken bones to strains and bruises.  Agate can help to rearrange this energy to a degree and help the person get in touch with “why” they are so accident prone.  There is no such thing as an accident. The “accident” is nothing more than an energy discharge that should have been acted upon and released–but was not.  Something should have been said, and was not.  Some action should have been taken and was not. There are a hundred thousand reasons why one would not speak up or be pro-active.  When it concerns the health of the person, whether they realize this or not, this energy gathers within them and it MUST be discharged in some way.  That is when an ‘accident’ occurs.

Further, when we look at Mars as the necessary survival mechanism, it may be that for the person as well.  Wearing Dinosaur Bone necklace is going to imbue the person with a strong sense of self-survival.  And many people, especially those with low self-esteem, have no sense of survival at all. 


Since ALL our dis-eases come from our fouled and toxic emotions (either dragged in from past incarnations into this one or we’ve created a new batch in this present lifetime….), then it stands to reason that Agate can be of help.  Agate is more concerned with physical safety of you than anything else.  That is its sphere of power.  This is where the Saturn energy of it comes into direct play.  Saturn is our boundaries, i.e., the physical body we live within.  Saturn rules the bones and the structure that holds our body together. With Mars it is the quality of one’s blood.  Those who have anemia, have hard aspects to their natal Mars.  It’s also about energy and vitality rather than feeling exhausted all the time.   Mars also gives the person a sense of self-survival and when those boundaries are not working, the person gives their life blood (literally and figuratively) away to others or a situation.

Need for protection in a given situation is defined by the individual.  What may scare me won’t scare you–and vice versa.  If you are feeling vulnerable, wear this necklace.  It’s great for teachers and lecturers who may be shy violets who must go forth and speak whether they’re comfortable doing it or not.   If you are feeling fragile and without a sense of being able to protect yourself, wear it.

Those who are ungrounded can be helped with Dinosaur Bone.  And if you’re spacy, you’re not focused and concentration is tough to come by.  The Dinosaur Bone is all of these things and can help bring someone back into their physical body.


Dinosaur Bones is about our Root chakra.  That chakra is about our family, our heritage, our genetics and yes, even going back so far there is no memory of ourselves.  The Root Chakra is about the family patterns that have been branded into us the first eighteen years of our life.  Are the patterns healthy?  Or not?  If not, then our Root Chakra has been compromised a little or a lot.  The less a person feels like protecting themselves, the more it has been compromised.  A healthy Root Chakra is about having a good sense of survival.  And those who don’t, often end up giving their life blood energy away to another or to unhealthy situations until their health has been badly wounded.

But the dinosaurs remember.  Wearing their bones is a reminder that our roots go back to the dawn of time when this Earth supported these giants.  This is more important than most people realize.  What we come from, we are.  Understanding our past is an opportunity not to make the same mistakes in the present or future. 

Most of all, Dinosaur Bones catalyze and are connected to our sense of survival.  Women are less likely to have this button pushed and operational.  Why?  Because we have lived under a Patriarchal energy for the last five thousand years.  All women are repressed and taught not to care about themselves, rather, to always care for others first.  This isn’t a good balance for a woman and certainly harms the overall energy of the masculine integrating with the feminine on a higher, more symbolic level.  If we are using only HALF of the energy that we are, then everyone suffers.  That is why the Earth is so far out of balance today; it is running on only masculine energy.  These bones remember survival.  And it is transferred  energetically to the wearer. 

A good sense of survival is absolutely essential.  There is a time to take care of others, for sure.  But not at the expense of your life blood energy.  Dinosaur Bones help the wearer know where the healthy boundary is at so that they can survive and not be taken down by the care giving situation. 

At the other end of this spectrum are narcissistic people of both genders, who have come out of a hellish dysfunctional family background and survival is all they know.  These people aren’t able to extend themselves out to help others at all.  The first and only person they are going to take care of is themselves.  They are inverted into their “me first” consciousness.  By wearing Dinosaur Bones, this helps the person be able to first, see that others need help, too and that secondly, they can extend that hand of help to them.  If the narcissistic individual never reaches this stage, they are always self-centered, selfish and unable to feel true compassion for anything or anyone else. 

So, are the dinosaur bones from this meat eater?  The Allosaurus?  The energy around this guy is one of assertiveness. And yes, the primal need to survive is also there and that’s something we all need to have in order to not only survive down here, but thrive.

Let’s talk about the fossilized Utah dinosaur bones.  All of them are agatized and are therefore, possessing the energies of this incredible gemstone.  Agate works to protect all the chakras and is more concerned with the Etheric field of our astral body as well as our physical body.  It is an androgynous gemstone, possessing both male and female energies that are combined and working like a good team with one another.  It can often help a person who is “stuck” in either their male side (right side of our body) or the female side  (left side of our body).  It’s great skill is in ABSORBING negative or ‘heavy’ energy from the surrounding environment so it does not harm the wearer.  You will frequently see an Agate losing color if you are putting yourself in harm’s way all the time.  If the Agate necklace you are wearing is leaching color and you don’t know why–check it out.  You are placing yourself in a risky position (insofar as the stone’s spirits are concerned) and they are constantly absorbing this energy upon your behalf. 

 Symbolically, you can see Agate as a good team in a work horse harness with you.  It will guard and protect you even at the expense of it (or all) the lives of the spirits of the Agate that you wear.  It is slow, steady, and reliable and considered “strong” medicine by many.  And when you look at the BANDS on the Agate, consider them BOUNDARIES of protection that they are putting up for you to keep you healthy, stress free and out of the negative energy of danger.

Add to this is the bones of the dinosaur itself.  We don’t know which bones we have.  It could be a plant eater or a meat eater.  The only way to tell is really to hold them and feel the energy.  Is it passive or gentle or quiet feeling?  Then it is a plant eating Dinosaur.  Is it assertive or aggressive feeling?  Then you have a meat eater instead and probably an Allosaurus or perhaps a Utah Raptor.  If it is a meat eater, then one’s sense of survival is going to be expressed strongly.  This is good for those who have no boundaries or sense of self-survival.  It would not be good for a narcissistic individual because they are already into their self-survival at the cost of everyone else.

If the bones are from a gentle vegetarian Dinosaur, then the sense of survival will still be there, but less obvious in the consciousness of the person.  They still absorb that sense of self protection, however.  The only difference is that it’s not in your face energetically as it is with a meat eating dinosaur.  Either way, you will have a healthy survival pattern when you ingest the nano-sized minerals of the dinosaurs that lived in Utah millions of years ago.  This is the past coming to connect to the present and what a gift it is. 

Agate is probably the most worn gemstone by those in the know, in the world.  For every day stress situations, it can handle things very well.  It absorbs the energy aimed at you, the perfect Guard Dog stone.  And for serious risk, then do wear it.  Even on days when you’re feeling a bit vulnerable or not up to the task of defending yourself, Agate can be your partner to bring up its shield to give you that confidence and standing in your core that you seek.  There’s a reason why Agates (and Jasper) are the most plentiful stones on this planet.  They were put here by Mom Earth for us to use on days when we feel like we need our guardian angel a little closer than usual.

The protective and survival instinct energy is what Dinosaur Bones is all about.  Having them fossilized into Agate is even better!  There is double protection here.  One is for the person who must survive in our world with healthy boundaries in place.  The other is when the person is threatened on some level, the Agate energy kicks in to become the guardian at the gate for the individual.  A double dose of protection linked with survival instincts.

Agatized Dinosaur Bone Colloidals

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