Orgone Giza Pyramid with Piezo

This beautiful piece of Orgone was made in a Giza Pyramid mold with 8in x 8in base and 52 degree angles on the corners just like the full sized one. Within the resin is Rose Quartz powder, White Powder Gold from Mother Earth Alchemy, and Colloidal Gold. The metals mixed in are copper shavings, brass scrap, and copper BBs. I also put large pieces of Rose quartz in the apex and in the heart of the pyramid surrounding around where the kings chamber would be.

In the Kings chamber in the Giza Pyramid, Pink Granite was used that contained lots of quartz in it so that is the reason why I chose to have rose quartz around the kings chamber in this device.

I also put in a piezo-electric transducer in the place where the kings chamber was since it is reported that piezo-electric properties were discovered in that area. Inside the Piezo container I put White Powder Gold since when the kings chamber was originally discovered there was a white powder everywhere in that room.

It has also been said that the Ark of the Covenant was used as a capacitor when it was placed in the king’s chamber to make the pyramid come alive with energy. The Ark was also known to house cool stuff like White Powder Gold, so within the housing of the piezo element is filled with WPG in the heart of this pyramid replicating the full sized Giza Pyramid.

Here is a picture of the piezo element that is in the heart of the pyramid and the WPG inside the housing:

Note: I could also add your own DNA like a piece of your hair or fingernail if requested to put in the housing with the Piezo element.

So by justing having this Orgone device in your electomagnetic field you can feel its cleansing energy. Then you can also plug in the audio jack into your computer or phone and play any frequency you want through it amplifiying it's energies. You can find a list of frequencies to download for free on my Sound Tech page here:

I like to play the one at the bottom of the page called "UltraSonic 22050hz +528hz" since it’s the more universal and strongest one I have currently. It is reported that 52hz was found in the kings chamber so that could be another good one to use but you can play whatever you like.

I then like to point the apex of the pyramid towards my direction so that I'm getting all the healing waves coming off of the pyramid that are concentrated out through the apex.

This video is good about explaining a lot about Orgone and Piezo-electric properties in the King's Chamber in the Giza Pyramid:

Orgone Giza Pyramid with Piezo

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