Ascension Pack


(1) MyPiezo ($25)

(1) Grounding Strap ($15)

(4oz) Noble 8 Colloidals ($36)

(4oz) Ascensionite Colloidals ($28.8)

(4oz) Black Tourmaline Colloidals ($18)

(1) Holy Hand Grenade Ormus/Orgonite ($6)

$128.8 total individually


This is a great starter's pack that is for the newly awakened person who is now on the path to ascension. The MyPiezo can be used all over the body and in your field to heal through frequency. You can download a free Ultrasonic frequency from my SoundTech page and use the MyPiezo like Flanagan's Neurophone by placing it ver your 3rd eye plus you can use this anywhere on your body that needs healing. The grounding belt helps return the bodies energies to their natural state where we are grounded to the earth. The Noble 8 colloidals are great for getting the electrity moving again in the body and the cells come alive. The Ascensionite Colloidals are made from a special stone that helps with the Ascension process. The Black Tourmaline Colloidal help block unwanted frequencies from the surrounding area. The orgonite is great to carry with you to protect you on the go and is also great to charge up the colloidal prodcuts with beneficial energies. All these products combined will help raise your frequency tremendously while helping your become grounded again at the same time. This is a great deal with all 6 of these products together that you won't find anywhere else on the planet.

Ascension Pack

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