Gemini (May 22– Jun 21) Tiger's Eye Colloidals

Birthstone of Gemini

Tiger’s Eye gemstone is also termed as a birthstone of individual born under zodiac sign Gemini. Pearls, Emerald and Moonstone are some of the stones that are considered as a birthstone as per our traditional interpretation. However, Tiger Eye gemstone has much more signification as compared to above-mentioned gemstones.

Tiger-eye gemstone is very vibrant and available in rich sunny, brown and golden color. It binds together vibration from both sun and earth. It’s a best crystal to enhance and improve the strength of convenience, conviction, courage, safety, confidence and self-esteem. Due to its all these it is also termed as a stone of power. This wonderful gemstone provides relief from defiance and stubbornness and directs the flow of energy in correct direction, which is very important for individual belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign as they carries strength, power and courage but they lack focus on one single thing. In such case, Tiger Eye gemstone helps them to direct their power in correct direction and get the desired result. This magical gemstone provides an ability of clear perception about various things that guides an individual to take a correct decision at the right time. It improves alertness, deeper insight and clarity in an individual.

The chemical formula of Tigers eye -- SiO2 - indicates that this stone is a type of silica. Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale.

Tiger's eye merges the vibration of the Earth with those of the Sun. This stone can offer support for new beginnings and helps in reestablishing the harmony of our lives. Tiger's eye protects the person who wears it, especially during long journeys. It also enhances the feelings of security and self-respect. Tiger's eye is an excellent stone for increasing the power of personal will. It helps us acquire abundance and wealth and enhances the stability and balance that lead to maintaining the acquired wealth. This stone helps us fight the greed and misuse of power.

Roman soldiers wore tiger’s eye in battle for protection. During that time, this stone was thought to bring clarity and deep insight about the current situation, instantly, here and now, therefore enabling the soldiers to see the truth at the battlefield clearly without deception.

Especially suited for those seeking Serenity and Calm in their life.

Physical:  Used to treat disorders of the eyes, the throat,  reproductive system, and di-verticular constrictions.  Aids in night vision. Helps align spinal column, increase spend needed to heal broken bones, wounds, and bruises. Colon, digestion and stomach problems; alleviates pain.

Career:  Good for drivers, truckers, emergency workers, police, as it aids night vision and calms nerves.

Metaphysical: Tiger's Eye makes me think of the qualities of the Tiger.  Patient, focused, determined, alert, with perfect timing and slow, deliberate actions.  This is Tiger Eyes gift to you. 

Excellent grounding stone!  If you need to make some changes in your life, this is the stone for you! 

Promotes balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life; relieves doubt and bestows decision making with vision and clarity. Helps one to be practical in the here and now.

"New comers" (to recovery programs) , people who are easily distracted, adults with A.D.D. or who are Manic/Depressive, emotionally immature people, procrastinators, people in emotional turmoil, people in transitional states, NEED this stone, as it grounds them as soon as they are in its presence!

  • Meditation: Tiger Eye is particularly good for those who are having trouble with settling down and quieting the mind during meditating.
  • Harmony: Tiger Eye helps to see both sides of any situation, and helps to bridge the gap that causes discord in work and family relationships..
  • Stress: If you feel nervous, anxious, or fearful much of the time, this is a great stone for you.  Especially helpful if you're feeling drained, overwhelmed, confused, or unfocused. 
  • MONEY: This stone is best suited to earthy people. It has been used to stimulate wealth and abundance, and to enhance the stability required to maintain wealth and keep it without sub coming to wealth's "earthly temptations" of greed and abuse of power.
  • Harmony: Creates order out of chaos. 
  • Humility: Associated with the correct use of power, courage, and grace, which is using your power to help others, and the ability to see clearly and without illusion.
  • Grounding: Will bring calm and serenity from within, without making you feel dull and lifeless. 
  • Sexual Addictions:  Tiger Eye helps to discipline sexual and emotional energy, helping one to be practical and of discrete mind.

The Keywords for Tiger's Eye would be:

Protection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, balance, will, courage

Chakras - Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Zodiac - Capricorn
Planet – Sun
– Fire, Earth
Typical colours -

A stone of protection, Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer.  It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.  Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.  Useful for recognizing one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others.  Balancing yin-yang and energizing the emotional body, Tiger Eye stabilizes mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence, and releases tension.

These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease.

Gemini (May 22– Jun 21) Tiger's Eye Colloidals

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