Sundance Sea Ormus

Real Salt is an all-natural sea salt taken from an ancient sea bed in Central Utah. Since none of us were around to tell you exactly how the salt deposit formed, we turned to geologists for answers.

According to geologists, the Real Salt deposit is the remnant of an ancient inland sea, part of what they call the Sundance Sea, which places the deposit within the Jurassic Period. Over time, the salt that settled at the bottom of the sea was trapped within the earth and then pushed up near the surface close to the town of Redmond, Utah.

The deposit occurs with over 60+ natural trace minerals which gives the salt its unique color, unique flavor, and numerous health benefits.  Because the Real Salt deposit comes from an ancient sea bed, nature created the salt long before the earth experienced any pollution or contaminants that are troubling our oceans today.

The Real Salt deposit begins about 30 feet below the surface, covered by a layer of bentonite clay, which has protected it from erosion and from the possibility of modern contamination.


The mining process

Real Salt is currently harvested about 300 feet below the surface of the earth. The deposit is huge, so we carefully follow the food-grade veins and harvest the salt using carbide-tipped equipment that basically scrapes the salt off the walls of the mine. From there, the salt is screened and crushed to size before being shipped to our food-grade facility in Northern Utah. Real Salt is packaged after passing through a final automatic screening to be sure no metal residue or contaminants were introduced during the process.

What this ancient salt has -- all of the trace minerals nature intended -- is just as important as what it doesn’t have -- the runoff, the radiation, the pollution and man-made compounds. The balance of natural sodium with elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus is in sync with the body’s own chemistry, eliminating some of the problems sometimes associated with heavy salt intake.

We like to emphasize that at One Degree, every ingredient has a story. And when we say that, we usually mean grains. Our veganic millet, kamut, red wheat and lentils love the spotlight, and deserve it. But our grains of salt have a great story to tell, too.

The tale of these salty grains of truth begins in the 19th century, when the Bosshardt family, immigrants from the Swiss-German border region, settled in Utah and ultimately began farming. Amid a drought in the late 1950s, the Bosshardts turned to the salt deposit under their land, clearing corn to make way for a new, solid foundation for the family’s financial security.

The salt deposit was no secret. Neighboring farmers knew about salt in the area, and Native Americans had discovered it long ago. Archeological digs have found evidence some tribes carried salt from this deposit with them as far as Colorado.

The Bosshardts were the first to make the salt deposit a way of life. To this day, nearly two dozen members of the family work in the company. And they treat the business as much more than a profit-making enterprise. “Stewardship” is a word heard often. According to Darryl Bosshardt, grandson of one of the company founders, RealSalt’s belief has always been: “These minerals that were there under the farm can be used to bless lives.”

The good fortune of the company has blessed many lives among employees and in the community; and, increasingly, it is providing the blessings of vitality to health-conscious consumers.

“Because our salt is from an ancient sea bed and Mother Nature pressed the moisture out long ago, our salt is naturally about .6 percent moisture,” he notes. That’s as dry as it needs to be for your kitchen.

“It is straight from the earth. We don’t heat it. We don’t process it. We crush it up and put it in the shaker.”

It is “salt the way salt was meant to be savored,” he adds. And “savor” is a very good word to use to describe Real Salt. Many people are surprised at the taste, and how it magnifies the intensity of every flavor in the pot and on the plate. The naturally occurring minerals, so important to preserving the nutritional benefits, also give Real Salt a sweeter, less bitter taste.


Ormus with Real Utah Sea Salt

Limited Supplies: Since only a limited amount is made during each full moon this is for 1oz of Ormus. At a drop or two a day this will last you around 1-3 months


Full Spectrum

Mental Clarity


Improves Vision

Increases Intuition

Sense of Calmness

Better Communication Between Cells

Locally collected Ormus minerals made with gourmet Real Utah Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt and harmonically structured water.

Just like how the tide is higher during the full moon, more Ormus elements are in the air during a full moon night. This explains why collecting dew during a full moon has more Ormus elements and why during a full moon people inhale more of these element which has effects on our behavior.

So when I make my Ormus I put it in a fish tank and put tubes from fish bubblers into the jars to pull these elements out of the air into the jar which then traps them in the solution. I also put a filter on top because of all the pollution in the air. Then I set it out in the moon light and take it inside in the morning. This makes for some potent Ormus. I put a pyramid on top and have a Tesla Purple Plate and Orgone in the tank to give good vibes during the birthing process also.

I have been having problems with using Lye so this time I used Baked Baking Soda, also known as Washing Soda or Natron, instead and had great results. More information here:

Ormus is the final result of a natural & ancient alchemical process beginning with Dead Sea salt and Real Utah Sea Salt and ending with isolated noble metals including osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, rhodium, silver, and palladium in a monoatomic form. Abundant research on this substance indicates it is superconductive and capable of carrying and transmitting 'light' or electromagnetic energy. Ormus is considered extremely important for full spectrum body building

Ormus appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit. It seems to increase mental clarity, focus, rejuvenation, sense of calmness and intuition. Some people have reported improved vision, better digestion and a decrease of menopausal symptoms.

Ormus seems to stimulate the body's elimination of toxins. It is good to drink plenty of water and do a liver cleanse if possible in the early stages of ingesting Ormus. Liver and kidneys are the main organs moving the toxins out of the blood and eliminating them from the body. If they are not functioning properly, harmful toxic build-up may occur in these organs. This is rarely the case though, especially when starting with suggested amount and only ingesting Ormus that is carefully tested for its purity.

There is a sense of expanded comprehension and strength that is due to the natural reaction your body is having to the noble metals in a high spin state. Ormus gives you a feeling of "bliss" and calmness that comes from a simultaneous earth and universal connection. Ormus appears to enhance and activate your full brain creating neurons to fire more efficiently and effectively, allowing for new possibility of thought, while old thought patterns that adhere to a lower vibration fade away.

Ormus also has ability to restore one's natural intuitive awareness. It aligns the individual with one's own personal genius , your innate skill that you came to share with the world. Ormus also enhances your ability to create, opening up possibilities, canceling out unwanted futures due to the increased vibrational state.

These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease.

Sundance Sea Ormus

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