Purple 9X Bamboo Ormus

Bamboo Salt, Nature's antioxidant
  -Detoxifies vital organs, cleanses blood cells, improve the immune system
  -Reduces dioxins from pollution & radiation
  -Restores natural alkaline balance & contain 80+ natural minerals
  -Dr. Insan invented: made by roasting bay salt at the high temperature in the bamboo trunk 9 times to eliminate the harmful components possibly contained in bay salt

Bamboo Salt was originally created by Korean herbalist, Dr. Insan in 1917. PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is sea salt sun-dried, deposited in bamboo tubes and capped with mineral-rich clay. The bamboo tubes are placed in a pine-wood furnace and roasted 9 times. PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is ocean-harvested using organic, sustainable methods. PURPLE 9X traditionally takes over 3 years to create, following a painstakingly detailed method. As a result, a high mineral and alkaline salt with a savory flavor is formed.

Purple 9x Bamboo Salt is a high alkaline mineral salt. Purple 9x Bamboo Salt offers exceptional flavor and savory sulfur taste. The color may vary from light to dark violet. Purple 9x Bamboo Salt is excellent to replace sea salt or table salt. Grind Purple Crystal to enhance savory flavor for cooking.

The Challenge of Making Bamboo Salt

First there was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Then we learned to make fire. And, then came salt, the world’s first super food.

Scholars say that salt was the bedrock of the human civilization. As the original food preservative, salt allowed humans to travel long distances carrying their own food supply. It was so highly valued in the ancient world, it was used as currency. It kept empires and their armies going. Like today’s crude oil, salt was so valuable that wars were fought over it.

Common salt is composed of two electrolyte minerals: sodium and chloride. Sea salt has small amounts of magnesium and calcium, in addition to sodium and chloride. Other types of salts have combinations of different minerals. Himalayan salt, for example, contains at least ten different minerals, including iron oxide that gives it a pink color.

Bamboo salt, called Jukyeom, is a traditional Korean food additive processed by using sun-dried sea salt and bamboo. Though used for generations in Asian cultures, a traditional Korean herbalist first developed the modern form in 1917.

Bamboo Salt has recently been introduced to the North American market as a miracle salt that has anti-cancerous and anti-viral properties that can prevent and treat various types of cancer and illnesses. It has antiseptic power that can be used to treat mouth sores as well as various digestive system-related conditions.

Bamboo Salt (also known as Jukyeom) originates from Korea. It was originally developed by Korean doctors and monks almost 1,000 years ago as a folk medicinal remedy for various illnesses. The Bamboo Salt is made by putting sea salt into cases made from bamboo trunks with 3 years of growth.

After the salt is inserted into the trunks, the ends are sealed with natural yellow clay that is rich in minerals. The trunks are then roasted in a furnace with pinewood being used as fuel. The process requires 10 hours of roasting at a temperature between 1,000 to 1,500 oC. This procedure can be repeated from three to nine times. In the ancient times, the process was only repeated two or three times. However, through repeated experimentations that doctors discovered that Bamboo Salt gained higher medical effectiveness if it was baked for more time. This method enhanced the amalgamation of minerals from the bamboo and the yellow clay into the sea salt.

Additionally, the numerous high-heat roasting process was more effective in ridding of impurities in the sea salt. It has been found that the salt reaches its highest medical efficacy when it is baked for 9 times. After 9 times, the medicinal benefits of the salt drastically decrease from over-roasting. Because of the time and effort put into making the 9-times-baked Bamboo Salt, the 9-times-baked Bamboo Salt is specially named as Purple Bamboo Salt for the purple color hue resulted from the numerous repeated roasting processes (Xin, Zhao, et. al., 2013). As a result, you can see various Bamboo Salt being labeled as 1x, 3x, 6x, 9x; these labels indicates the number of roasting processes the specific Bamboo Salt has received. Because the medical efficacy correlates with the amount of roasting procedures, the price range can differ significantly depending on the number of roasting processes.

Nutritional Value of Bamboo Salt

Compared to other salts, bamboo salt is higher in minerals including iron, silicon, potassium, and phosphate. Analysis reveals more than eighty trace minerals. And, it’s slightly lower in sodium than pure sea salt.

As we all know, salts, in general, can suppress fungal and bacterial growth. Bamboo Salt excels in comparison to other salts. As a matter of fact, it has been shown in clinical studies that Bamboo Salt can actually prevent Salmonella infection. This unique property is actually a contribution from the bamboo stalks, as bamboo holds a special attribute that effectively prevents fungal, bacterial, and viral growth.

Unlike other salts that are acidic, Bamboo Salt is highly alkaline (pH of 10.5) because of the high sulfur content. Therefore, it can act as a neutralizer for acidic food. Also because of this unique property, the iron in Bamboo Salt does not oxidize like the iron in other salts. As we know, the oxidation processes that take place in our body leads to aging. Instead of oxidizing, Bamboo Salt produces reduction reactions. It suppresses inflammations and slows down cell proliferation. In other words, it acts as an anti-aging agent.

The majority of salts is made by water and is positively charged. Because Bamboo Salt is made by fire, it is negatively charged. Similar to the rock salts, Bamboo Salt’s negative charge aids in fighting against all the allergens in our environment.

Unlike the other salts, Bamboo Salt does not induce hypertension. Although the reason is still unclear, researchers suggest that it may be linked with Bamboo Salt’s unique ability to improve glucose tolerance of the body and lowers the serum lipid level.

Therapeutic Uses for Bamboo Salt

In traditional Korean medicine, a branch of Chinese medicine, bamboo salt is used to treat many common health complaints, including allergies, and for body detoxification.

Researchers have found bamboo salt useful for viral infections, allergies, sinusitis, dental and gum disease, and diabetes. It has a regulating effect on the immune system, balancing T-Helper lymphocytes and inhibiting the body’s immune chemistry that lowers inflammation.

Benefits of Bamboo Salt:

  • Helps alkalize body systems
  • Reduces allergic reactions
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduces dental plaque and prevents gingivitis (mouthwash)
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Clears up sinusitis (nasal rinse)
  • Prevents bacterial and fungal infections (scrub for skin)
  • Improves glucose tolerance
  • Reduces joint and muscle pain (bath)
  • Lessens sore throat (gargle)

Like all salt, it has antiseptic properties. That’s why dentists recommend sea salt mouthwashes after tooth extraction, or for the management of gum disease. Bamboo salt has the added advantage of a high concentration of trace minerals to support tissue repair. It also helps manage bacterial and fungal infections.

Although we have mentioned some of Bamboo Salt’s benefits in earlier paragraphs, we realize the importance of summarizing all these benefits before we discuss in details how Bamboo Salt is so helpful to the body. As mentioned earlier, the Bamboo Salt is a highly alkaline food (pH 10.5). It can counterbalance the acidosis in the human body.

It is high in minerals and is the only food to contain more than 80 different kinds of organic minerals. Because of this unique property, it can fully and continuously re-supply the loss of minerals to the human body. In addition, it has antioxidants that aide in cell renewal and encourages removal of harmful materials in the body. At the same time, the antioxidants promotes clearance of free radicals, slowing down the aging process. Moreover, it contains powerful far infra-red which is helpful in breaking through the blockages in blood vessels. This process helps lower the chance of stroke. All in all, the vast amount of various minerals in Bamboo Salts play crucial roles in many cell functions such as cell proliferation, energy metabolism, protein and DNA syntheses, and cytoskeleton activation (Jeong, Hyun-Ja, et. al., 2011).

Let’s talk about all the benefits in detail:

  • Anti-allergic Function:

According to a study done by researchers, Bamboo Salt can suppress immediate-type of allergic reactions. By oral administration or intradermal injection of Bamboo Salt, it significantly inhibits swelling from allergic reactions by inhibiting the release of histamine (Shin, Hey-Yong et.al., 2004).

  • Anti-cancer Function:

Scientific researchers have found that salt in general contains methanol extracts that have antimutagenic and anticlastogenic effects. However when comparing regular purified salt and solar salt with one-time roasted Bamboo Salt and nine-times roasted Bamboo Salt, the scientists have found that the Bamboo Salt have a much higher anticancer and anticlastogenic effect than the other salts (Hwang, Kyung-Mi, et al., 2007; Park, Kun-Young et. al., 2012).

  • Anti-obesity Function:

A very recent scientific study has found that Bamboo Salt reduces the overall body weight as well as lowers the serum lipid level. This study suggests that intake of Bamboo Salt may have preventive effect on obesity (Park, Kun-Young, et. al. 2013).

  • Dental Treatment and Preventive Care:

In another scientific research, researchers have found that dental patients who use a bamboo solution for gurgling, have a significantly increase in the level of enamel hardness and a decrease of mineral loss than patients who use plain water for gurgling (Choi, CH, et. al., 2012). Another study found that toothpastes that contain Bamboo Salt contributes to the reducing effects on dental plaque formation and lessens the chance of gingivitis (Min, B.S., et. al., 1995).

  • Anti-inflammatory Function:

Although salts in general all have inflammatory properties, Bamboo Salt is found to have a much significant effect on treating inflammations. Therefore, it contributes significantly to the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases (Shin, Hye-Young, et. al., 2003).

  • Preventive Care for Salmonella Entertidis:

A laboratory study examined 20 different kinds of salts (refined salts, roasted salts, processed salts, imported salts, sea salts, and Bamboo Salts) and their ability to fight off Salmonella entertidis. Out of the 20 salt samples, only Bamboo Salts were found with the property of fighting against Salmonella. It was later found that Bamboo Salts contain a low concentration of active antimicrobial substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms (Moon, JH, et. al., 2009).

  • Treatment and Preventive Care for Candida Yeast Infection

The special active antimicrobial substance found in Bamboo Salt is also a great treatment for any bacterial, fungus, and viral infection. In clinical studies, it is confirmed that the antimicrobial substance not only stops the growth of bacteria, fungus, and virus, it also prevents their growth (Moon, JH, et. al., 2009). In addition, the property of Bamboo Salt being a sea salt, it works like any other sea salt in suppressing yeast infection and all the nasty symptoms that comes with the infection. In combination, the sea salt property and the antimicrobial property of Bamboo Salt is effective in preventing a Candida Yeast Infection.

  • Reducer of Chemotherapy Side-Effects:

Cisplatin is a highly effective chemotherapeutic agent that rids the human body of cancerous cells. But it has a significant side effect of accelerating the death the auditory cochlear hair cells. However Bamboo Salt has a specific chemical effect that inhibits a specific protein channel that regulates the cell death of the auditory system. As a result, of the blockage, the cochlear hair cells stop dying, and hearing is preserved (Jeong, Hyun-Ja, et. al., 2011).

  • Preventive Care for the Ear:

Magnesium in Bamboo Salt can help prevent or treat noise-induced hearing loss (Jeong, Hyun-Ja, et. al., 2011).

  • Anti-gastric Ulcer Treatment:

Bamboo Salt generates hydrogen sulfide which acts as a gasotransmitter like NO and CO. These chemicals have physiological effects including anti-inflammation, anti-hypertension, as well as the improvement of the insulin sensitivity (Saroraya, Chanmuang, et. al., 2011).

  • Diabetes:

It has been shown that Bamboo Salt contributes to the improvement of glucose tolerance and high glucose uptake in skeletal muscles (Saroraya, Chanmuang, et. al., 2011).

  • Treatment for Arthritis:

When used with acupuncture, it alleviates arthritis (Xu, Kai-Sheng, 2009). With higher content of magnesium than Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt, it is evident that Bamboo Salt is effective for alleviating arthritis ache in joints and muscles.

  • Treatment for Sore Throat:

As an inflammatory agent, Bamboo Salt can be used to lessen the inflammation in the throat and suppress the aching resulting from the inflammation (Choi, CH, et. al., 2012).


As you can see there is a little bit of a purplish tint but not much. It mostly just a little off white compared to the normal DSS Ormus

Limited Supplies: Since only a limited amount is made during each full moon this is for 1oz of Ormus. At a drop or two a day this will last you around 1-3 months


Full Spectrum

Mental Clarity


Improves Vision

Increases Intuition

Sense of Calmness

Better Communication Between Cells

Locally collected Ormus minerals made with gourmet Sea Salt and harmonically structured water.

Just like how the tide is higher during the full moon, more Ormus elements are in the air during a full moon night. This explains why collecting dew during a full moon has more Ormus elements and why during a full moon people inhale more of these element which has effects on our behavior.

So when I make my Ormus I put it in a fish tank and put tubes from fish bubblers into the jars to pull these elements out of the air into the jar which then traps them in the solution. I also put a filter on top because of all the pollution in the air. Then I set it out in the moon light and take it inside in the morning. This makes for some potent Ormus. I put a pyramid on top and have a Tesla Purple Plate and Orgone in the tank to give good vibes during the birthing process also.

I have been having problems with using Lye so this time I used Baked Baking Soda, also known as Washing Soda or Natron, instead and had great results. More information here:


Ormus is the final result of a natural & ancient alchemical process beginning with Dead Sea salt and Purple 9x Bamboo Sea Salt and ending with isolated noble metals including osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, rhodium, silver, and palladium in a monoatomic form. Abundant research on this substance indicates it is superconductive and capable of carrying and transmitting 'light' or electromagnetic energy. Ormus is considered extremely important for full spectrum body building

Ormus appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit. It seems to increase mental clarity, focus, rejuvenation, sense of calmness and intuition. Some people have reported improved vision, better digestion and a decrease of menopausal symptoms.

Ormus seems to stimulate the body's elimination of toxins. It is good to drink plenty of water and do a liver cleanse if possible in the early stages of ingesting Ormus. Liver and kidneys are the main organs moving the toxins out of the blood and eliminating them from the body. If they are not functioning properly, harmful toxic build-up may occur in these organs. This is rarely the case though, especially when starting with suggested amount and only ingesting Ormus that is carefully tested for its purity.

There is a sense of expanded comprehension and strength that is due to the natural reaction your body is having to the noble metals in a high spin state. Ormus gives you a feeling of "bliss" and calmness that comes from a simultaneous earth and universal connection. Ormus appears to enhance and activate your full brain creating neurons to fire more efficiently and effectively, allowing for new possibility of thought, while old thought patterns that adhere to a lower vibration fade away.

Ormus also has ability to restore one's natural intuitive awareness. It aligns the individual with one's own personal genius , your innate skill that you came to share with the world. Ormus also enhances your ability to create, opening up possibilities, canceling out unwanted futures due to the increased vibrational state.

These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease.

Purple 9X Bamboo Ormus

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