Lek Lai Colloidals

The power of the “Lek Lai” sacred object

‘Lek Lai’ is a metallic object that can be dissolve under the heat of a candle flame. At the same time, it is regarded as a metallic that forms naturally and possesses characteristics of living being.

The Thais regard the “Lek Lai” as both sacred and mysterious. Other than its continue growth, the mystical “Lek Lai” will look for its own master and moves around freely.

“Lek Lai” has magical power enabling it to protect itself as well as it’s master against any dangerous encounter. As the “Lek Lai” continues growing, it must be fed. The foods favoured by the “Lek Lai” are honey and Nguan Din.

After the nourishment of the food, the strength of the ’'Lek Lai’’ will continue to grow. Given the right location, it will continue to increase it’s power.

Searching for the “Lek Lai” is a very difficult task because it is available only in high mountains or in the caves inside the mountain. The surrounding must also provide the right conditions meaning with the right source of food available for the “Lek Lai”. With all these, it will grow continuously.

It will also look for its own master by itself and those who are successfully chosen are those with high morality, righteousness and fairness.

Lek Lai used to be presented in only a few forms, shapes and sizes. Now however, there are literally hundreds of different looking substances which those who market them consider to be Lek Lai, or Lek Lai derivatives. Lek Lai has been used as an ingredient for mixing into amulets for centuries, as well as being used as a magical element in its own right.

Although this amazing substance is known about and exists an many different World Cultures and different countries, Lek Lai has come to be known very much as a Phenomenon coming from Thailand.

This is not without good reason, for it is Thailand and Thailand alone that there are still to be found a great number of Master Kroo Ba Ajarn, who are Adept in sensing the presence of Lek Lai. They are also Experts in the art of transforming Lek Lai into various forms of amulet, and even insertion of Lek Lai under the skin of Devotees.

For this reason, it is no surprise that Thailand is the number one source of authentic wisdom of the Wicha of the creation of Lek Lai Taat Gaayasit. This is pure Elemental Magic and Alchemy.

The cube shaped Lek Lai shown in the picture is the actual piece used in the electrolysis process:

The Qualities of Lek Lai

  • It resides within the walls of caves that are cool and damp, with no bats living in there.

  • It can remain in a static form.

  • It can slither and move like a snake.

  • It can appear from nowhere.

  • It can disappear.

  • It can stretch itself

  • It can condense itself

  • It can block any energy fields, waves or frequency channels.

  • Guns will not fire in the presence of Lek Lai.

  • It can make hot water become cold in an instant.

  • It consumes the phosphorous of bullets and gun shells.

  • It can emit a Fragrant Aroma.

  • It can heal illnesses or injuries if laid on the place that is affected.

  • It is Magnetic.

  • It can become lighter or heavier.

  • It can be thrown and will fly back like a boomerang

  • The Lersi place it under the tongue to meditate and achieve Levitational Powers.

Lek Lai is a metallic element with a life of its own. It is also Karmic effect of Spirits which have been driven by the winds of karma to be reborn in Samsara in the form of metallic elemental substances, and is subject to having to eat (honey) and excrete (Khee Lek Lai) residue.

The Lek Lai is considered a living being of the Deva classification (Angelic Deity). A Deva that has been driven to be born on Earth. There are both ‘Kon Tan’ and Yaksa type Devas found inhabiting Lek Lai, which gives each different Lek Lai its own special powers and properties which differ with each inhabiting Deva.

Lek Lai is something which will protect who carries it from guns or sharp objects (such as knife or sword), and all other harmful weapons. Some people believe that Lek Lai is indestructible and immortal (Adamantine).

We should comment on this belief, that the Lord Buddha already expounded the Dhamma to be based on the three Truths of Impermanence, Dhukkha and Non-Self. All material things are subject to change, and eventual dissolution. It seems unreasonable to believe that Lek Lai should be any different from all other worldly Dhammas.

Matter can not be destroyed, but it is constantly changing its form. If the changing of form is not considered to affect the immortality of an object, then we could also say that the human body is immortal, simply that it has changed form into, slime for example. All things with a beginning have an end, even this planet and solar system will one day end, and then at the latest, the Lek Lai will also end. This is the way things should be, for development is reliant on change, and liberation is reliant on the destruction of ones limits (the body).


Lek Lai chanting:



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Lek Lai Colloidals

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