Blue Lily Ormus

Nymphaea caerulea, better known as the Blue Lily, is actually a gift to the world. Originally found on the banks of the river Nile, the Nymphaea caerulea, also called the Blue Lotus flower, today is found all over the world including the Indian sub-continent.

This beautiful blue flower is considered sacred by Indians, especially the Buddhists. Historians have always considered the blue lily symbolically rich and associated it with the ancient Egyptian culture. But recent studies have revealed that it has healing properties as well. Nymphaea caerulea was used by ancient Egyptians as a stimulant to increase sexual desire. It was also a symbol of the Egyptian deity ‘Nefertem’.

Nymphaea Caerulea was used in ancient Egypt as well as India as a key to longevity and fertility, providing nourishment and prana for the Ka or Light Body and elevating higher states of consciousness.

For thousands of years it has been used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women as well as a general remedy for all illness that enhances sexual pleasure and libido and stimulates general good health and to elevate higher states of consciousness. No ritual or ceremony was complete without the addition of the Blue Lotus flower. Blue Lotus contains phytosterols, bioflavonoids, and phosphodiastrates, the active ingredient of Viagra.

In ancient Vedic texts the sacred Blue Lotus, Nymphaea Caerulea or Nymphaea Nouchali is called Ambal and is the national flower of Sri Lanka where it is known as Nil Manel or Nil Mahanel. Nil means blue in Sinhala the Sinhalese name of this plant is often rendered as Blue Lotus in English. The Utpala flower also translated as Blue Lotus is considered on of the top 10 most sacred flowers listed in the Ayra Sanghata Sutra (a Mahayana Buddhist scripture).

Today we know that the sacred blue lily can be used for a variety of medical purposes. It can be used to make various healthy concoctions including blue lotus tea, wine and martinis! All you need to do is to soak the petals for up to three weeks to obtain the intoxicating beverage. Blue lotus ‘tea’ can easily be prepared by boiling the flowers for 10–20 minutes. No matter how you consume it, the Nymphaea caerulea will surely provide your body with tons of health benefits!

In today’s world where the pollution levels are very high, consumers are always attracted to cosmetic products which comprises of natural ingredients and extracts of nature. Natural extracts are also helpful in body massage and some forms of yoga. Some of the skin benefits of the Nymphaea caerulea are:

1. Natural Moisturizer:

In many countries extracts from the seed of nymphaea caerulea is used in the preparation of the skin care products that provides instant hydration to the skin. So if you suffer from dry, flaky skin, use this natural moisturizer and flaunt your new found glowing skin!

2. Oil Control:

So you have oily skin? No worries; the blue lily has something for you too! External use of blue water lily can balance oily skin and prevent pimple and acne breakouts.

3. Relaxant:

You are stressed and anxious, looking for some relief. Turn to Nymphaea caerulea! Blue lily flower is also used to make perfumes and its oil is widely used in aromatherapy.
Hair Benefits of Nymphaea Caerulea:

People today are concerned about their hair, what with hair fall and rough hair becoming far too common. It is not surprising that people are turning towards nature to find a cure for their hair woes. The sacred lily provides natural hair care, with no side effects!

4. Natural Conditioner:

Composition of few hair conditioners contains extracts of blue water lily. A surprising discovery has been made that proves the effectiveness of using the extracts of this flower in hair conditioning products to increase the natural shine of the damaged hair.

5. For Healthy Hair:

Observations reveal that Nymphaea caerulea can also help increase the volume, body as well as elasticity of brittle hair. So, if you have limp, dull hair, grab some blue lily extracts and use it on your hair for beautiful, healthy hair!

Health Benefits of Nymphaea Caerulea:

Some recent research has indicated that Nymphaea caerulea possesses mild psycho-active properties. It also provides many other health benefits, like:

6. Natural Aphrodisiac:

This ancient flower is used both by men and women as a seductive drug. It has the potential to work as a sex stimulant, much better than Viagra! So, spice up your sex life with this amazing flower!

7. Menstruation Problems:

Some women go through hell each month because of various menstruation problems. These problems can be treated and naturally cured by the usage of nymphaea caerulea. The use of this flower or its extracts can help regulate irregular periods and ease menstruation cramps.

8. Treats Depression:

Depression, stress, anxiety-all fallouts of today’s fast paced world. All of these mental problems can be relieved with the help of nymphaea caerulea’s root. It also increases human memory power.

9. Anti-Diabetic:

Diabetes, which has taken epidemic proportions today, can be easily and effectively treated with the seeds of this medicinal flower. Diabetic complications such as cardiovascular problems are potentially regulated by this sacred water lily.

10. Treats Gastrointestinal Problems:

Stomach disorders like diarrhea and dysentery can be cured by using the rhizome of this beautiful sacred river flower. Its rhizome also possesses the ability to treat dyspepsia. This flower is also used in treating jaundice and other internal gastrointestinal disorders. Consuming concoctions containing this healthy herb is known to help treat damaged liver too.

11. Muscle Relaxant and Painkiller:

Studies show that this sacred flower acts as a pain killer like Arnica and also has muscle relaxant properties. So, if you are suffering from nerve disorders, use this flower for pain relief and well as relaxation.

12. Other Health Benefits:

    The blue lotus contains ginseng, which gives it anaesthetic properties.
    This blue symbolic flower has the potential to regulate your urinary system.
    If a person is suffering from constipation, then medicines made from nymphaea caerulea can really help.

Nutritional Value:

A steroid known as Nymphayol present in these flowers is scientifically responsible for anti- diabetic activity. This steroid performs its duty by healing the endocrine tissues which are damaged. It even has the power of stimulating insulin secretion in beta cells. Researchers reveal the fact that rhizome of this plant contains starch and can be used as a tasty food! Whether eaten roasted or raw, the rhizome as well as roots of the blue lotus flower is indeed very nutritious. Rhizomes are even used to make medicines. The stalks are eaten as vegetables. Large proportion of nutrients like protein and tannin are present in the seeds. Extract of this flower contains anti- oxidant, which helps the body remain young. The all-in-one nymphaea caerulea provides a warm pleasant feeling. It is one of the best natural health enhancing tonics that has ever been found.

Effects of the Blue Lotus Sacrament

The Blue Lotus is a subtle plant and the effects are not as heavy as you might expect for such a legend. To fully experience the sacrament you will need to sit with this in a calm meditative state. Take your time and open yourself to the spirit of Nefertem.

The Blue Lotus generally produces mild psychoactive effects that are reported to have a "divine" essence, which brings upon the feelings of tranquility and subtle euphoria. Although we cannot guarantee what your sensations will be, we have listed some of the effects people have reported to have experienced.

The main effect you will probably sense is a pleasant feeling of warmth around the head and upper body; a very comfortable, dreamy feeling, with a slight stimulant effect. Many people relate to an expanded state of awareness with feelings of a psychic opening of the higher chakras, especially the 6th, or the third-eye.

The sacred flower seems to produce a subtle, high-level, expanded state of consciousness that may have been used in ceremonial meditation and magic. We suggest you do as well. Energy workers have also reported a heightened sense of psychic energy and the ability to better utilize these higher states in their practices.

Many people also use the Sacrament to enhance  meditation, utilizing the dreamy, trance-like effects to reinforce an alpha-state. Using the Sacrament before bedtime has also been reported to induce lucid dreaming.

Blue Lily Ormus

In order to make Ormus, I used the whole Blue lily flowers to prepare a tea, then used that water with Dead Sea Salt and Washing soda to make Ormus via the Egyptian Wet Method

Limited Supplies: Since only a limited amount is made during each full moon this is for 1oz of Ormus. At a drop or two a day this will last you around 1-3 months


Full Spectrum

Mental Clarity


Improves Vision

Increases Intuition

Sense of Calmness

Better Communication Between Cells

Locally collected Ormus minerals made with Blue Lily Flower tea, Dead Sea Salt, and harmonically structured water.

Just like how the tide is higher during the full moon, more Ormus elements are in the air during a full moon night. This explains why collecting dew during a full moon has more Ormus elements and why during a full moon people inhale more of these element which has effects on our behavior.

So when I make my Ormus I put it in a fish tank and put tubes from fish bubblers into the jars to pull these elements out of the air into the jar which then traps them in the solution. I also put a filter on top because of all the pollution in the air. Then I set it out in the moon light and take it inside in the morning. This makes for some potent Ormus. I put a pyramid on top and have a Tesla Purple Plate and Orgone in the tank to give good vibes during the birthing process also.

I have been having problems with using Lye so this time I used Baked Baking Soda, also known as Washing Soda or Natron, instead and had great results. More information here:


Ormus is the final result of a natural & ancient alchemical process beginning with Dead Sea salt and Blue Lily Flower tea and ending with isolated noble metals including osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, rhodium, silver, and palladium in a monoatomic form. Abundant research on this substance indicates it is superconductive and capable of carrying and transmitting 'light' or electromagnetic energy. Ormus is considered extremely important for full spectrum body building

Ormus appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit. It seems to increase mental clarity, focus, rejuvenation, sense of calmness and intuition. Some people have reported improved vision, better digestion and a decrease of menopausal symptoms.

Ormus seems to stimulate the body's elimination of toxins. It is good to drink plenty of water and do a liver cleanse if possible in the early stages of ingesting Ormus. Liver and kidneys are the main organs moving the toxins out of the blood and eliminating them from the body. If they are not functioning properly, harmful toxic build-up may occur in these organs. This is rarely the case though, especially when starting with suggested amount and only ingesting Ormus that is carefully tested for its purity.

There is a sense of expanded comprehension and strength that is due to the natural reaction your body is having to the noble metals in a high spin state. Ormus gives you a feeling of "bliss" and calmness that comes from a simultaneous earth and universal connection. Ormus appears to enhance and activate your full brain creating neurons to fire more efficiently and effectively, allowing for new possibility of thought, while old thought patterns that adhere to a lower vibration fade away.

Ormus also has ability to restore one's natural intuitive awareness. It aligns the individual with one's own personal genius , your innate skill that you came to share with the world. Ormus also enhances your ability to create, opening up possibilities, canceling out unwanted futures due to the increased vibrational state.

These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease.

Blue Lily Ormus

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