Colloidal Osmium

Named from the Greek word meaning “smell”, osmium is a bluish-gray metal that is very stable, unaffected by air, water or acids. Powdered osmium gives off a distinctive, pungent smell, which is actually the compound osmium tetroxide. It is this smell that gives osmium its name. Osmium is densest of all elements; a brick-sized block would weigh about 56 pounds. Osmium is used to create extremely hard alloys. Ball-point pen tips, durable electrical contacts and high stress joints and pivots are usually made of an osmium alloy. Osmium tetroxide is used to detect fingerprints. A platinum-osmium alloy is used in pacemakers and heart replacement valves. Osmium also has use in microscopy and as a catalyst.

Circumvents biological clock in modyfying human DNA. Used as an oxidizer.  Osmium may increase a persons life span significantly. Osmium is a Noble Metal and it’s also a member of the Platinum Group Metals. The platinum metals all have outstanding catalytic and anti cancerous properties.

Osmium, with its special chemical properties, offers a new potential solution to an unmet clinical need. It has shown huge promise in treating several different types of cancer cell, including ovarian and colon cancers which have been developed and tested in the laboratory. The metal also has another advantage in that it is a much cheaper alternative to platinum.


Osmium is the metal of endurance beyond reason and strength beyond expectation. Adding the essence of osmium to a potion will evoke the vast reserves of strength which lie within each of us, but which we rarely reach or tap. Affects the 5th Chakra, the throat.


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Colloidal Osmium

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