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Organic Guayusa induces an awakening effect, similar to coffee and yerba mate. Guayusa tea stimulates the mind and body. Therefore, when it comes to dreaming lucid, there would be no other better option for you to try than Guayusa tea! But hurry, because we have a limited supply of our special Guayusa dreaming tea.

Apart from its significant contribution to induce lucid dreams, the tea carries several health benefits. It has been said to detoxify blood, balance sugar and pH level, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol risks; and it also has been said to improve digestion and the overall urinary system of the body. Give it a try not just to induce lucid dreams, but as a tea to help with your entire body’s health.

Natives of the Amazon generally refer to Guayusa as a “Dreaming Tea”. It is an effective supplement to aid lucid dreaming, to recall your good dreams, and for a peaceful sleep.  It helps to stimulate your brain, your memory, your energy levels, and to stimulate and relax your mind and body.

In studies of Guayusa, this tea has been found to contain 50% more anti-oxidants than green tea with the second highest ORAC score of any other food product tested. Tests have also shown Guayusa to contain 90 mg of caffeine/ 8oz cup making it the second most caffeinated plant on earth next to coffee but with many more health benefits. One of the most important findings of this study was the synergistic effects of Guayusa’s unique blend of Theobromine (also found in high quantities in dark chocolate), Theophyline, vitamins C and D, essential minerals Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Chormium, caffeine and all 15 essential amino acids (most importantly Leucine, which is not synthesized in our bodies and is needed to repair and build muscle tissue).

Packed Full of Nutrients

Guayusa contains 50% more antioxidants than green tea, and is full of polyphenols, flavonoids, and saponins. These compounds offer a range of holistic health benefits, from calming the nervous system to cardiovascular health: 

• Polyphenols: studies confirmed one cup of guayusa has 30% more polyphenols than a cup of green tea has been shown to boost the immune system, promote a healthy heart, and have an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effect. 

• Saponins: Studies illustrated the beneficial effects on blood cholesterol levels, cancer, bone health and stimulation of the immune system. 

• Theanine: an amino acid compound studied for its calming effects on the nervous system, and for its ability to protect and restore the brain. • Fifteen essential amino acids, including relatively high amounts of leucine, for muscle protein synthesis and body builders. 

• It also contains the minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and chromium and vitamins D & C.

Traditional Uses & Cultural Heritage 

The indigenous Kichwa say guayusa is so captivating that visitors are warned once they drink it, they will always return to the Ecuadorian Jungle. The women say it relieves symptoms of menopause, helps the liver and stomach; soothes and reduces aches and pains and offers balance and strength to pregnant women. Spiritually, elders say guayusa helps dream recall, protects against insect and snake bites, and connects them to the forces of nature.

Traditionally, indigenous families woke up at dawn to drink guayusa around their communal fire until sunrise. The elders taught the youth about ancestral myths, hunting techniques, and social values, 
and about what it means to be “Runa” in the indigenous cosmovision. Community shamans, known as yachaks or rukus in Kichwa, will also play a traditional bamboo flute (known as kena) and a two-sided weasel-skin drum, and sing soft rhythmic songs during these early morning hours.

The shamans also interpret dreams from the previous night, and make recommendations to guide the community and help them live in harmony with the rainforest. After drinking the first gourds of guayusa, children are often sent to go bathe in the river and receive its strength and cleansing for the day to come. Guayusa induces lucid dreaming and is known as the "watchman's plant," since even when sleeping you are aware of your surroundings. Guayusa was used to sharpen senses and keep hunters awake during hunting trips.

The guayusa ritual continues to be a cornerstone of in some parts of Kichwa culture, bringing family and community together around the simple experience of drinking tea. Guayusa needs a diverse ecological habitat to grow. Its cultivation creates economic incentives for farmers to maintain the rainforest. The market created by sellers and drinkers requires farmers to actively reforest degraded lands in the Amazon. Buying guayusa at fair trade prices promotes organic agro-forestry as an alternative and more sustainable agricultural practice to slash and burn agriculture and deforestation.

While many of the indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon grow coffee or tea (plants imported from other parts of the world), guayusa, in contrast, is a native plant of immense cultural importance and mythological significance. Growing guayusa and sharing it with an international community is a powerful way for the indigenous communities to appreciate their culture and recognize its value in the modern world. By drinking guayusa you give these farmers the opportunity to continue living and evolving as Runa.

Mythic Significance

As a testament to guayusa’s revered status as a powerful plant throughout South America, famous Harvard Ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes found a 1,500-year old bundle of guayusa leaves in a medicine man’s tomb high in the Bolivian Andes, far beyond the natural range of the plant.

Jesuit missionaries fell in love with guayusa in the 1700’s, and surrounded many of their missions in Ecuador and Colombia with bright, leafy guayusa trees.

Many indigenous communities say that guayusa is a plant teacher, and forms an important part of their shamanic traditions. Several myths recount how guayusa was the first plant that taught human beings how to dream, and how the ritual of getting up at dawn protects humans from wandering spirits in the night. Guayusa is said to teach people how to conquer fears and have poise and presence through difficulty.


In order to make Ormus, I used the crushed Guayusa leaves to prepare a tea, then used that water with Dead Sea Salt and Washing soda to make Ormus via the Egyptian Wet Method

Limited Supplies: Since only a limited amount is made during each full moon this is for 1oz of Ormus. At a drop or two a day this will last you around 1-3 months


Full Spectrum

Mental Clarity


Improves Vision

Increases Intuition

Sense of Calmness

Better Communication Between Cells

Locally collected Ormus minerals made with Guayusa tea, Dead Sea Salt, and harmonically structured water.

Just like how the tide is higher during the full moon, more Ormus elements are in the air during a full moon night. This explains why collecting dew during a full moon has more Ormus elements and why during a full moon people inhale more of these element which has effects on our behavior.

So when I make my Ormus I put it in a fish tank and put tubes from fish bubblers into the jars to pull these elements out of the air into the jar which then traps them in the solution. I also put a filter on top because of all the pollution in the air. Then I set it out in the moon light and take it inside in the morning. This makes for some potent Ormus. I put a pyramid on top and have a Tesla Purple Plate and Orgone in the tank to give good vibes during the birthing process also.

I have been having problems with using Lye so this time I used Baked Baking Soda, also known as Washing Soda or Natron, instead and had great results. More information here:


Ormus is the final result of a natural & ancient alchemical process beginning with Dead Sea salt and Guayusa tea and ending with isolated noble metals including osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, rhodium, silver, and palladium in a monoatomic form. Abundant research on this substance indicates it is superconductive and capable of carrying and transmitting 'light' or electromagnetic energy. Ormus is considered extremely important for full spectrum body building

Ormus appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit. It seems to increase mental clarity, focus, rejuvenation, sense of calmness and intuition. Some people have reported improved vision, better digestion and a decrease of menopausal symptoms.

Ormus seems to stimulate the body's elimination of toxins. It is good to drink plenty of water and do a liver cleanse if possible in the early stages of ingesting Ormus. Liver and kidneys are the main organs moving the toxins out of the blood and eliminating them from the body. If they are not functioning properly, harmful toxic build-up may occur in these organs. This is rarely the case though, especially when starting with suggested amount and only ingesting Ormus that is carefully tested for its purity.

There is a sense of expanded comprehension and strength that is due to the natural reaction your body is having to the noble metals in a high spin state. Ormus gives you a feeling of "bliss" and calmness that comes from a simultaneous earth and universal connection. Ormus appears to enhance and activate your full brain creating neurons to fire more efficiently and effectively, allowing for new possibility of thought, while old thought patterns that adhere to a lower vibration fade away.

Ormus also has ability to restore one's natural intuitive awareness. It aligns the individual with one's own personal genius , your innate skill that you came to share with the world. Ormus also enhances your ability to create, opening up possibilities, canceling out unwanted futures due to the increased vibrational state.

These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease.


Guayusa Ormus

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