The Eck Elixir Full Spectrum Edition

Introducing The Eck Elixir Full Spectrum Edition. Since Eck means the totality of all awareness, that means its a full spectrum elixir made of full spectrum elixirs. This elixir takes it to the next dimension just like my logo the Tesseract, a cube within a cube.

First I started off with the newly named Eck Elixir Colloidal Edition which is a combination of over 102 different colloidals currently. 

Then I added 27 of the different Gourmet Ormus Salts that I have. These salts contain a full spectrum of minerals each by themselves which is why they are all added individually.

Next I added 23 of the Herbal and Superfood Ormus Powders. Each it’s own Full spectrum of various minerals.

Then I added 18 of my Herbal wet Ormus. Each of the herbal elixirs like the vine was added in micro amounts so no worries about overdosing.

Finally I added the 8 of the Superfood wet Ormus.


This Eck Elixir is the totality of all the Colloidal Minerals I currently have. This includes all the

999 Pure Elements(52),

Colloidal Alloys(5),

Exotic Colloidals(7),

Extraterrestial Colloidals(11),

High Concentration(1),

Terrestrial Colloidals(18), and

Crystal Colloidals(9)

= 102 different colloidals Currently

Gourmet Salt Ormus


Superfood Ormus

    Bizzy Bee Ormus
Ceylon Cinnamon Ormus   Chlorella Ormus
Concord Grape Ormus Deer Antler Velvet Ormus  
  Kelp Infused Ormus  
Rainbow Carrot Ormus Powder    
    Skate Liver Oil Ormus

These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food and Drug Administration.


The Eck Elixir Full Spectrum Edition

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