Selenium Ormus Powder

High ppm Colloidal Selenium - Normally Eck-Tech's colloidal minerals are ~ 10ppm but this has a much higher potency at ~100ppm

Named for the moon goddess Selene, the mineral selenium deserves to be treated with reverence. Selenium is versatile and has a wide array of health benefits. Selenium is crucial for antioxidant defenses, boosts the immune system, and helps prevent cancer in several distinct ways.

Selenium has attracted attention because of its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect cells from damage. There is some evidence that selenium supplements may reduce the odds of prostate cancer. 

Selenium has also been studied for the treatment of dozens of conditions. They range from asthma to arthritis to dandruff to infertility. However, the results have been inconclusive.

Selenium is a fascinating element, and one that, in fact, opens up an entire world of experience for human beings.  By this I mean that selenium is required for the functioning and development of certain areas of the brain that open a person to higher emotions and higher thought.  It is also an essential mineral for thyroid functioning, along with iodine.

Selenium supplementation is always included in nutritional balancing programs and everyone needs a supplement.  With this short introduction, let us examine the sources, functions and metabolic effects of selenium on the human body.

Well-known functions of selenium in the body include the following:

 1. Thyroid activity.  Selenium is required to produce thyroid hormone, called tetraiodothyronine or T4.  It is also needed for the conversion of T4 to the more active form of the hormone, called triiodothyronine or T3.  This is a critical function that is sub-optimal in many people today.

If the body cannot convert T4 to T3, then thyroid hormone activity will diminish significantly, even if enough T4 is being produced.  Many doctors measure these hormones and then they give hormone replacement of T3 if it is low.  However, I feel this is needless, as giving enough available selenium will often correct the problem in a much more elegant and physiological manner, without the need for drugs.

Selenium has been found to specifically counteract the ocular or eye dysfunction of Grave’s disease, called Grave’s orbitopathy, and characterized by exothalamus (protrusion of the eyeball), and proptosis (movement outward of the eye). This is in response to swelling and inflammation of the muscles and structures behind and around the eyeball.

Selenium has also been found to help resolve Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis.  

 2. Anti-oxidant activity and glutathione synthesis.  Glutathione is a substance produced in the liver and elsewhere that is critical for detoxification within the liver and in every body cell.  Glutathione is one of the most important substances in the human body.  Its production depends on the availability of several amino acids, along with available iron and selenium.  This forms the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which is a step in glutathione production and metabolism.

When glutathione production is low, detoxification in the liver is seriously impaired.  This means the body is less able to eliminate all toxic metals, many toxic chemicals and other substances such as biological toxins.  Thus, this function of selenium is also a critical one.

 3. Heavy metal detoxification.  This has to do with glutathione production, mainly, although thyroid activity and other functions related to selenium are required for all metal detoxification.  This is why garlic, and the other sources of selenium listed above are so important.

 4. Infection-fighting ability.  Selenium enhances the immune response in most cases.  This has to do with thyroid enzymes, and other factors as well.         

5. Cancer prevention and possibly correction.  This is a research area, but Dr. Emanuel Revicci and many others have used selenium products to help reverse cancer in a very non-toxic manner.  Selenium reduces toxic metals and other problems that can lead to cancer.

 6. Mental health.  Selenium, along with silicon, share certain characteristics.  They help impart a silky, smooth quality to the personality.   Some foods that are high in selenium, such as corn silk, have this same smooth, silky quality.

It may sound odd to think that a silky, smooth texture of a mineral could have a similar effect on the nervous system, but it is the case.  Selenium and silicon are absolutely essential for mental health today.  They help with feelings of joy and happiness, and give a certain lightness to the personality as well.

7. Etheric development and life extension.  Selenium is absolutely essential for the development of the etheric body.  This is one of the main subtle human bodies.  As this body develops, it is helpful to improve health dramatically, which extends the lifespan rather dramatically in some cases.

 8. Selenium needed for “development”.  This is also an esoteric concept that is related to the growth of the etheric body discussed above.  Selenium plays a role in activating certain areas of the brain that are associated with what I call mental or spiritual development

Selenium is so important in this regard that it is now an essential nutrient to add to nutritional balancing programs in some cases.

Selenium and Muscle Dystrophy

Feedback from a customer :

Colloidal Senium Ormus Powder

This is made from starting with 1 liter of 100 ppm colloidal selenium water. Then I preformed the John Hudson method by adding Organic Dolomite and swinging the PH. Then after washing it 7 times and drying it out, it is now a fine Ormus powder. Not surprisingly it had a large yield of percipitate meaning its full of concentrated selenium particles.


The White Powder of Gold is a multitude of things.  It is in essence, the Elixir of Life. It is likewise, The Philosopher’s Stone of Alchemy, the “manna” of the ancient Hebrews, and even the MFKZT “What is it?” of the ancient Egyptians.  In science, the white powder of gold is the ORME -- i.e. gold (or any of the Precious Metals) in a monoatomic form -- which can result in Superconductivity within an organic body.  

When the white powder of gold is mixed in water, it becomes the Elixir of Life, the alchemist’s dream -- also known as The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, or “That which issues from the mouth of the creator.”  It was also called as the “spittle of God” -- not the word of God, but the spittle.  Others referred to it as the semen of the father in heaven.  [Putting the white powder in water doesn’t result in it dissolving.  Instead, it forms a gelatinous suspension, and looks very much like a vial of semen.]  

For the alchemists, the goal had always been to make the white powder of gold, to make  “the container of the light of life.”  Thereafter, if you stood in its presence, you wouldn’t age.  If you partook of it, you would live for ever.  It’s history goes back to Enoch, Thoth, Hermes Trisgetimus, the same man by any other name, who ascended to heaven by partaking of the white drops, and thereby avoided death.  

In The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani, by Budge -- based on a papyrus from Old Kingdom Egypt -- there is a curious repetition of the phrase, “What is it?”  Samples from the papyrus reads, “I am purified of all imperfections.  What is it?  I ascend like the golden hawk of Horus.  What is it?  I pass by the immortals without dying.  What is it?  I come before my father in Heaven.  What is it?”  The latter question repeats itself for hundreds of times throughout the lengthy ancient document.

The “What is it?” literally translates into Hebrew as “manna”.  Even a modern dictionary may define manna as “What is it?”.  The manna was the “bread” taken by the high priest, the Melchizedek priest.  Moses told the Hebrew people at one point, “You have not kept the covenant, and so the manna is being taken from you.  But it will come back in the end times.  When we will be a nation of high priests, not an elect high priesthood.

The manna, the white powder of gold, is the food, the light, one takes into their body.  It is the Food of the Gods.  A modern day Rabbi might tell you that no one has known how to make the manna, the white powder of Gold, since the destruction of the Temple of Solomon.  The technique is, supposedly, a lost art or lost knowledge.  But others argue that when the high priests left the Temple (when it was destroyed), the took the secret out into the desert and organized a commune called Qumrun.  There, they became the Essenes.  Eventually, the white powder was used to nourish a woman named Mary, and eventually, she gave birth to a man named Jesus.  Some claim that it was the white powder of gold which allowed Jesus his many gifts, including his ascension into heaven.  

These gifts include:  perfect telepathy, the ability to know good and evil when it’s present, and to project thoughts into another person’s mind.  There is also the ability to levitate, or to walk on water.  By excluding all external magnetic fields (including the Earth’s gravity), the white powder of gold takes one beyond the four dimensional space time continuum, and the individual becomes a fifth dimensional being.  They can literally think where they would like to be, and go there.  They can heal by the laying on of hands, and can cleanse and resurrect the dead within two or three days after they died.  They have so much energy that they can literally embrace people and bring light and energy back into them.   

In Revelations, it says, “Blessed be the man who shall overcome, for he shall be given the hidden manna, the white stone of the purest kind upon which will be written a new name.”  He will not be the same person.  [Obviously!]   

In the modern parlance, the white powder of gold is the ORME-- Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.  The ORME is obtained from the Precious Metals (Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium, Osmium, Ruthenium, Rhodium and Iridium).  Superdeformation of Nuclei of these precious elements, results in a monoatomic, superconducting, high spin, low energy state, wherein -- in accordance with ORME Physics and ORME Biology -- the extraordinary characteristics of the white powder of gold can be manifested.  

Basically, everything is encoded in each individual’s DNA, waiting to be activated.  Care for a cup of life?

These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease.

Selenium Ormus Powder

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