Colloidal Carbon

Colloidal Carbon

Ever wonder what's the purpose of the chemtrailing? Why is there fluoride in our water & toothpaste? The simple answer: to prevent us from evolving. Here's how: fluoride calcifies our Pineal Gland, which is the receiver of our D.N.A. upgrades that are transmitted from the Sun through solar rays.

We are evolving from Carbon 12 (666=6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons) to a Carbon 7 sequence of 661=6 protons, 6 electrons and 1 neutron thus "enlightening" us by the very fact that by reducing our neutron count to 1, we become less dense/physical and more holographic. It is this less dense state that is reached on DMT & Psilocybin.

Our polarity goes from the duality of positive/negative to incorporate a triality component of “neutral”. Thus the "LOVE" aspect is naturally enhanced vibrationally as we all "feel" and "know" with greater depth. Multi-dimensionally, we shall vibrate as one so we will have the ability to empathize with all, as one.

The reason TPTB are working to prevent this from happening; as long as we're kept from our true human history & origins; as long as we're distracted and struggling for survival; as long as we're vibrating at a lower heavier density; as long as we're stuck in a duality gridlock; as long as we remain unconscious...we can be controlled and enslaved.


The Secret of Secrets



We are all Carbon based life forms and now is the time to upgrade our DNA.

Carbon is not a metal but I was still able to do electrolysis on this element to procude a colloidal water. That fact alone amazes me. I have no way of proving this is indeed "Carbon 7" but since I produce other elements like Gold with the same process and my monatomic Colloidal Gold is in a super conductor state it is fair to assume that this Colloidal Carbon is in the same super conductor state that all the rest of my minerals are as well. 


Colloidal Carbon

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