The Ultimate Antibiotic E-Liquid


66% 50/50 USP Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin / Propylene Glycol, 33% Ultimate Antibiotic Elixir

Since this has no taste it can be mixed with other E-Liquids as well.

The Ultimate Antibiotic - Colloidal Gold, Silver, and Titanium

The three main natural antibiotics are colloidal silver, colloidal gold and colloidal titanium. Through greed and the desire for profit the medical community has moved to the use of artificial bio-antibiotics, starting first with penicillin. Because microbes gradually adapt to these antibiotics, they lose their effectiveness. Therefore, scientists must continually work to develop new artificial antibiotics.

This is not true of the natural antibiotics of silver, gold and titanium, because they effect microbes on the basis of frequency. Silver has the lower frequency, and is effective against most harmful microbes today. Gold is next with a higher frequency, and Hatonn says it will destroy any harmful microbes that the Darkside has been able to produce so far on Planet Earth. So, what about titanium? Well, titanium is on stand-by, just in case a more powerful antibiotic is needed!

For more information about the seperate minerals you can click here:

Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Titanium

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The Ultimate Antibiotic E-Liquid

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