Kala Namak Ormus Powder

Black Himalayan Salt Also Known As Kala Namak. It is a special type of mineral salt with a distinctive / sulphurous flavour.

Black salt or Kala Namak is not black, but more a reddish-grey, because of the presence of trace minerals and iron. It is not interchangeable with pink himalayan salt because of its distinctive flavour.

According to India's classical medical science, Ayurveda, Black Himalayan Salt (Kala Namak) is full of therapeutic benefits. It is rich in iron, and is used as a cure for flatulence and heartburn. Black salt is considered a cooling spice used as a laxative and digestive aid.

According to Ayurveda doctors, Black Himalayan Salt (Kala Namak) is the most beneficial form of salt because unlike ordinary salt, it doesn't increase the sodium content of blood and is therefore recommended for patients with high blood pressure and low-salt eating dieters. It is also a rejuvenator while aiding digestion and improving eyesight. It is said to aid in digestion and soften the bowel.

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) is actually a complex mineral compound with a strong sulphur content. The flavour hits quickly then dissipates to leave a rich mineral salt taste. It is actually a pearly pinkish gray rather than black. Chemically, black salt is sodium chloride, with iron, sulphurous compounds and trace minerals.

Health Benefits Uses Of Black Salt

Black salt is considered as a cooling spice in ayurvedic medicine and is used as a digestive aid. It helps in relieving intestinal gas and heartburn.

1.Use In Gastritis & Bloating

Black salt is used as an ingredient in many products like Hingwastak Churna which are used for stomach care, because it improves digestion without causing stomach irritation, without worsening gastritis.
Constipation can spoil your whole routine. Taking black salt as a regular part of diet solves that problem to some extent. Vibandhaghna – relieves constipation, bloating.

2.Therapeutic Benefits

Himalayan Black salt is a cooling salt and loaded with therapeutic advantages. Apart from being laxative and also curing intestinal disorders, it helps improving eye sight. This is because, unlike common iodized salt, it doesn’t increase the sodium content of your blood. As it contains high sulphur content, it can sometimes lower the gastric fire and cause weak digestion if taken in excess.

3.Black Salt Skin Benefits

Many of us have a harsh experience with chemical soaps in daily routine. Also problems like cracked feet, swollen feet, athlete’s foot and sprains make our day worse. Add Indian black salt to lukewarm water while bathing and problem solved. This natural salt bath will work as a healing agent on your skin and is a complete package with a nature’s tint in it.

4.Black Salt Hair Benefits

Hair fall, receding hairline, and all the medical procedures are no less than a nightmare for anyone. This might amaze you but black salt works here too! It consists of many essential minerals; it strengthens and increases the natural hair growth. It also takes care of your stubborn split ends.

5.Best Alternative To Sea Salt

Himalayan black salt is the best which can replace the commonly used iodized white salt which also contains harmful salts like potassium iodate and aluminum silicate. This might surprise you but white salt is banned in lots of countries. Top benefits of using black salt instead:

    Treats arthritis issues
    Paralysis troubles
    Cures high blood pressure problems
    Impotency issues

6.Joint Disorders

Joint disorders can be a real pain for the person affected and for the family as well. In case of joint disorders with stiffness, black salt can be beneficial.

7.Use Of Black Salt In Obesity & High Cholesterol

Surprising right? But this is true because black salt has the dissolving and disintegrating effect, it is widely used in anti-obesity products like Lavana taila and anti-cholesterol products.

8.Black Salt For Weight Loss

There is a slight difference between the sodium content of white salt and black salt. Black salt contains less amount of sodium, so those of you who are looking for low salt alternatives for weight loss switch to black salt. You may get a little uncomfortable with the smell initially but it works wonders when used in soups and salads.

9.Cooking Benefits Of Black Salt

Most of us generally make use of kala namak for garnishing our salads, and some of us add it to soups but let me tell you black salt will soothe your tongue when used in chutneys, yogurts as well as pickles. It is used extensively in making chat items.

10.Black Salt In Respiratory Disorders

Now-a-days salt therapy clinics are emerging all over the world though this technique was originated during ancient Greek civilization. Back then this therapy was called Halotherapy in which halo stands for salt in Greek.

According to the ancient ayurvedic culture in India inhaling of salt cleanses the nose and throat areas. Himalayan crystal salt i.e. black salt is used extensively for this purpose. As a proof of the success of this technique, workers in a salt mine have an excellent respiratory system. Modern salt therapy includes Himalayan crystal salt inhalers. This is how it works,

Salt crystals are present in a chamber, as the affected person breathes the salt is absorbed by the moisture present in the air, from there it goes straight into the lungs.

This technique is actually very effective and helps with problems ranging from the common cold to serious problems like sinus, asthma, allergies and hay fever.

The best thing about these inhalers is that they do not contain any pharmaceutical drugs and so has no side effects at all.

11.Intestinal Gas

Gas can occupy any portion in the body and intestinal gas can cause serious troubles. This is really helpful in treating intestinal gas.


Before in this article I have mentioned that black salt is used as a laxative, here I will tell you how. You can make a laxative using lemons and ginger and add black salt to it. It is a very power laxative and helps in digestion. The best part is you can add ingredients according to taste.


When somebody is having acidity what happens is, excess amount of acid is developed inside the body. To remove this acid any substance with an alkaline nature is required. Black salt is not exposed to any kind of high heat which retains the mineral content in it. Because of this it has an alkalizing effect on the body and hence it reverses high levels of acidity.


Irregular heartbeat can lead to a feeling of nausea and uneasiness. Black salt can help to reduce high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure level and also regulates the irregular heartbeat. Therefore it is clear that it can help to prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.


Osteoporosis is a condition in which body begins to draw sodium from the bones for a long time. Actually ¼ of the total salt in the body is stored in bones where it helps to keep them strong. When there is lack of salt and water in body it can eventually lead to osteoporosis. Thus now it may be clear that what the role of black salt is. So drink plenty of water and take salt in moderation.

16.Muscle Spasms and Cramps

Black salt contains small amounts of potassium which is an essential component for the muscles to work properly. It not only contains potassium but also helps the body to absorb it. Thus it proves to be very effective in preventing muscle pains, spasms and cramps.


The two hormones serotonin and melatonin help you to feel good, relax and sleep better at night. Black salt is known to preserve these two essential hormones and also helps in dealing with stress. Therefore black salt is effective in treating some types of depression.


Insulin is a chemical in body which controls the sugar level of the body. A diabetic patient has uncontrolled insulin in the body maybe more maybe less. Patients with less insulin content have to take external insulin to control sugar levels. With black salt the need for taking insulin is reduced as it helps to maintain proper sugar level. So start taking black salt as a part of your diet if you have diabetes or may have a risk of it.

Other uses of black salt:

    Helps in curing paralysis and arthritis
    Naturally builds up a strong immune system
    People use it to improve anemia because of its rich mineral content.
    Used to regulate gastrointestinal tract.

Kala Namak Ormus Powder


I made this Ormus Powder by taking structured water and add ing Kala Namak Salt to it and mixing it up real well. Then after adding organic dolomite lime I preformed the John Hudson method. After washing it 7 times it's now an off white Ormus powder ready to in-joy. This had a huge amount of bubbles and precip when making this verifying that its indeed Full of minerals.

The White Powder of Gold is a multitude of things.  It is in essence, the Elixir of Life. It is likewise, The Philosopher’s Stone of Alchemy, the “manna” of the ancient Hebrews, and even the MFKZT “What is it?” of the ancient Egyptians.  In science, the white powder of gold is the ORME -- i.e. gold (or any of the Precious Metals) in a monoatomic form -- which can result in Superconductivity within an organic body.  

When the white powder of gold is mixed in water, it becomes the Elixir of Life, the alchemist’s dream -- also known as The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, or “That which issues from the mouth of the creator.”  It was also called as the “spittle of God” -- not the word of God, but the spittle.  Others referred to it as the semen of the father in heaven.  [Putting the white powder in water doesn’t result in it dissolving.  Instead, it forms a gelatinous suspension, and looks very much like a vial of semen.]  

For the alchemists, the goal had always been to make the white powder of gold, to make  “the container of the light of life.”  Thereafter, if you stood in its presence, you wouldn’t age.  If you partook of it, you would live for ever.  It’s history goes back to Enoch, Thoth, Hermes Trisgetimus, the same man by any other name, who ascended to heaven by partaking of the white drops, and thereby avoided death.  

In The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani, by Budge -- based on a papyrus from Old Kingdom Egypt -- there is a curious repetition of the phrase, “What is it?”  Samples from the papyrus reads, “I am purified of all imperfections.  What is it?  I ascend like the golden hawk of Horus.  What is it?  I pass by the immortals without dying.  What is it?  I come before my father in Heaven.  What is it?”  The latter question repeats itself for hundreds of times throughout the lengthy ancient document.

The “What is it?” literally translates into Hebrew as “manna”.  Even a modern dictionary may define manna as “What is it?”.  The manna was the “bread” taken by the high priest, the Melchizedek priest.  Moses told the Hebrew people at one point, “You have not kept the covenant, and so the manna is being taken from you.  But it will come back in the end times.  When we will be a nation of high priests, not an elect high priesthood.”

The manna, the white powder of gold, is the food, the light, one takes into their body.  It is the Food of the Gods.  A modern day Rabbi might tell you that no one has known how to make the manna, the white powder of Gold, since the destruction of the Temple of Solomon.  The technique is, supposedly, a lost art or lost knowledge.  But others argue that when the high priests left the Temple (when it was destroyed), the took the secret out into the desert and organized a commune called Qumrun.  There, they became the Essenes.  Eventually, the white powder was used to nourish a woman named Mary, and eventually, she gave birth to a man named Jesus.  Some claim that it was the white powder of gold which allowed Jesus his many gifts, including his ascension into heaven.  

These gifts include:  perfect telepathy, the ability to know good and evil when it’s present, and to project thoughts into another person’s mind.  There is also the ability to levitate, or to walk on water.  By excluding all external magnetic fields (including the Earth’s gravity), the white powder of gold takes one beyond the four dimensional space time continuum, and the individual becomes a fifth dimensional being.  They can literally think where they would like to be, and go there.  They can heal by the laying on of hands, and can cleanse and resurrect the dead within two or three days after they died.  They have so much energy that they can literally embrace people and bring light and energy back into them.   

In Revelations, it says, “Blessed be the man who shall overcome, for he shall be given the hidden manna, the white stone of the purest kind upon which will be written a new name.”  He will not be the same person.  [Obviously!]   

In the modern parlance, the white powder of gold is the ORME-- Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.  The ORME is obtained from the Precious Metals (Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium, Osmium, Ruthenium, Rhodium and Iridium).  Superdeformation of Nuclei of these precious elements, results in a monoatomic, superconducting, high spin, low energy state, wherein -- in accordance with ORME Physics and ORME Biology -- the extraordinary characteristics of the white powder of gold can be manifested.  

Basically, everything is encoded in each individual’s DNA, waiting to be activated.  Care for a cup of life?


These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food and Drug Administration. 


Kala Namak Ormus Powder

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