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Dr. Murray discovered that our agricultural soils, and consequently the food grown in it, are seriously depleted of minerals through leaching, erosion and over-cropping.  Current agricultural practices focuses on the ratio of only 3 minerals NPK and replaces only 6 to 12 of the 40+ elements considered critical for optimum plant growth and development. This amazing elixir contains 33 of the most beneficial minerals including all the Precious Platinum Group minerals. The source of the Colloidal minerals is the from the purest of elements in .999 purity form processed through a low voltage electrolosys  setup.

Dr. Murray knew that all individual cells in the human body are constantly replaced during the process of cell division.  While cell division occurs, the cells are supplied with elements and nutrients provided by the food ingested.  When critical elements are no longer present in our foods, they become nonexistent in our bodies. This makes normal cell replication difficult and could explain the cause of many degenerative conditions.

The most important thing about gardening with a multitude of minerals is the ability to grow full spectrum, "Back to Eden" fruits and vegetables in your backyard. Dr. Murray believed with all his heart that poor quality, low or no spectrum food was at the heart of degenerating health.

And, if you're gardening for self-reliance... here's great news: You'll also maximize garden production, as well as increase shelf life of all the produce you decide to "put up" for the rest of the year.

Many even report reduced losses due to frost, drought, insect and disease.  This is because the plant is just plain stronger and healthier from the full spectrum feeding.

And this is really important: Livestock fed nutrient-dense crops and pasture seem to mature to their full weight and size in a lot less time with a lot less feed. Many farmers report greatly improved health of livestock and fewer abnormalities.

This elixir contains All the minerals I make except M11 Ormus since it contains salt.

Here's the links to the individual minerals:

Colloidal Bismuth

Colloidal Boron

Colloidal Carbon

Colloidal Cerium

Colloidal Chromium

Colloidal Cobalt

Colloidal Copper

Colloidal Dysprosium

Colloidal Erbium

Colloidal Gadolinium

Colloidal Gallium

Colloidal Germanium

Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Hafnium

Colloidal Holmium

Colloidal Indium

Colloidal Iridium

Colloidal Iron

Colloidal Lanthanum

Colloidal Lutetium

Colloidal Magnesium

Colloidal Manganese

Colloidal Molybdenum

Colloidal Neodymium

Colloidal Nickel

Colloidal Niobium

Colloidal Osmium

Colloidal Palladium

Colloidal Platinum

Colloidal Praseodymium

Colloidal Rhenium

Colloidal Rhodium

Colloidal Ruthenium

Colloidal Samarium

Colloidal Scandium

Colloidal Selenium

Colloidal Silicon

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Tantalum

Colloidal Tellurium

Colloidal Terbium

Colloidal Thulium

Colloidal Tin

Colloidal Titanium

Colloidal Tungsten

Colloidal Vanadium

Colloidal Yttruim

Colloidal Zinc

Colloidal Zirconium

Please note elements like Aluminum and Lead are left out because the majority of people don't want to give their plants these minerals in abundance. If you would like an elixir with all the elements please check out The Elemental Elixir

Here's another great video that shows the best defense against insects is nutrient dense plants

Magi Grow

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