Colloidal Lead

The poisonous effects of lead upon the body as a whole are too well known to require comment. Although Colloidal Lead is made of lead ions that are liberated slowly so that they will enter into the body with no toxicity. It is stated that colloidal lead tends to become fixed in the cancerous tumor, and exerts a more or less definite toxic action upon the actively growing cells, resulting in some considerable decrease in size of the mass and in some instances a complete disappearance.

Colloidal Lead stimulates the elimination of heavy metals in the body, in this way helping with dis-ease in the organs affected by harmful substances, particularly the stomach, the intestine, blood and nerves. It helps with dehydration, sclerosis, stone formation in organs loss of weight, muscular atrophy and severe localized pain.

Metaphysical Properties

Lead is associated with the planet Saturn and with the skeleton and skin, hair, nails

Lead promotes joy in living, particularly when we are depressed by a personal or emotional situation that seems to be hopeless, the feeling of as heavy as lead. It stops hallucinations and obsessions and helps us to release ourselves from restricting habits and oppressive dogmas. Lead promotes life with structure and encourages self control, a sense of duty, constancy and loyalty.

Lead is the silent metal. It is a law upon itself and in magic creates a space of silence. This is the perfect metal for "black space" meditations. Because of its ability to be silent in and of itself, it makes a good barrier to all forms of energy, and can be used to keep things in, as well as out; however, that is not its main purpose in energy magic but indeed, it is about "the silence within".

People with an excess of Lead are dark and heavy, rather somber or gloomy, rather depressed or maybe a control-freak; 'don't touch that, it's mine!', etc. They like coffee, dark clothes, winter, night-time and gloomy or highly structured music. They tend to be rather conservative and love structure and strict time guidelines, etc. They can be uptight and intolerant especially of interference from others, which they dislike. They are often too wrapped up in themselves to bother much about others. They fail to see how others can't also lead a strict and orderly life. They tend to be very serious, to think too much and to dwell in the past. Jobs like architects, bankers, accountants, solicitors. They are rather conservative and set in their ways. They dislike change and upset of any kind. They are interested in politics. The lead type needs to loosen up a bit and develop more spontaneous joy. It is chiefly mellowed and improved through gold, copper, tin or silver.

Colloidal Lead

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