Colloidal Chromium

Chromium Colloid is known to enhance the action of insulin, a hormone critical to the metabolism and storage of carbohydrate, fat, and protein in the body. Professional health care practitioners have found Chromium to enhance health in various conditions and may be used as an adjunct to Insulin resistance.  It has been used to reduce carbohydrate cravings and regulate appetite and balance glucose metabolism.  Chromium Colloid is useful as a conjunctive remedy in diabetes and may assist in weight reduction due to the above.

Chromium helps diabetes because it assists the insulin in maintaining equilibrium in blood sugar and storing sugar in the muscles. Chromium stimulates the fat metabolism, lowers cholesterol level and prevents arteriosclerosis. It encourages growth as it influences the formation of growth hormone HGH.

Chromium has anti-flammatory properties, particularly in central organs, liver, heart, stomach,kidneys, and intestine. as well as infections of the nose and nasal passages, sinuses. It stimulates detox of the organism, lowers acidity and encourages fever as a healing reaction. It regulates the energy and heat levels in the body and soothes pain, particularly in the case of wandering pain and headaches caused by weakness. Chromium helps clear cloudiness in the cornea.


Chromium is primarily a catalyst that helps lift us up and out of ordinary places and into the extraordinary. Both radiant and reflective, it can be used as a portal for extradimensional travel. Chromium encourages the disire for self-determination and individuality

Chromium encourages mental regeneration and healing. It takes away feeling of being under pressure. The richness of the world of ideas and creative imagination can be discovered and versatile ideas and enthusiasm are the result. Chromium brings colour into your life. Greek Chromos, Colour.

Chromium encourages the disire for self-determination and individuality. It stimulates us to discover and develop our own capabilitiesand to realize thoses important dreams in life. Chromium promotes all processes of mental healing.


Colloidal Chromium

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