Spontaneous Combustion Elixir

According to Bashar too much Cobalt will "engender spontaneous combustion." So I added Indium to increase the absorpsion rate. I also added Iridium and Rhodium since they really get Kundalini energy moving up and down the spine. Iridium and Rhodium is also what David Hudson gives his wife because of their amazing regenerative properties.

When the Pharaohs in Egypt were ready to leave the physical plane they would dope up real heavy on the Rhodium and walk up this long hallway into the morning sunlight. They would last about ten minutes. And they would blink out of existence. Gone in a flash of light.

Bashar says "By adding the monoatomic Chromium to the Iridium and Rhodium it would be even more efficacious." Then I topped it all off with Gold because, well, it's Gold.

Thanks to Barry Carter you can find more information about what Bashar and David Hudson have to say about these minerals here:


More informaiton about each individual mineral here:

Colloidal Chromium

Colloidal Cobalt

Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Indium

Colloidal Iridium

Colloidal Rhodium


*Caution this is a powerful elixir. Not responsible if you actually spontaneous combust *

Spontaneous Combustion Elixir

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