Immortal Blood Combo

What if I told you that you could have "Immortal Blood"?

Dr. Bob Beck has a device that delivers micro currents into the blood eliminating 100% of the adversaries. At first they removed the blood, electrify it and then put it back in. Then with his device your can clean it while still in your body by applying a micro current to the wrist.

So I thought about using the MyPiezo I make, which plays frequencies instead of the electrical current, to clean and heal the blood which filters throughout the body. The frequency 528hz is known as a healing wave so I played this with the ultrasonic frequency 22,050hz with the ceramic speaker directly on my wrist. That way every time the blood makes its way around it gets cleaned with the healing frequencies. Also I use the grounding strap to hold it in place so I’m also grounded while I clean my blood which grounding is known to help get the blood going as well.

So I’m using two technologies at the same time: Healing frequencies and grounding tech. I like to do this when I’m sedimentary at home. I’ve noticed that when I make bad choices and eat wrong that I when I use this blood cleaning combo I feel much better afterwards and don’t get indigestion. The protocol that Beck uses takes 6 weeks of using the device for a couple hours a day. I’ve only been using this for 3 weeks now so there could be more benefits on the way. He mentions that this will kill all the parasites in the body which cause lots of people to lose lots of weight.  

This combo needs more experimenting so I’m offering it at a very low price so that you too can try this at home and report your benefits. Also there’s an option for $9 more to include a Grounding Tester so that if you don’t have one you can test to make sure that the outlet you’re using is properly grounded. Each is sold seperately also .

Free downloads or streaming of healing frequencies can be found here:

More information about the Grounding Strap:

More information about the MyPiezo speaker:

Bob Beck's Immortal Blood 4:44

You can buy one of Bob Beck's Kit here:

528 Hz Frequency And Your DNA

Your DNA is not set in stone. It can be transformed.

According to Dr Leonard Horowitz, the 528 Hz frequency has the ability to heal damaged DNA. At the time I am writing this, there is not enough scientific research available on the subject. What we know for sure is that Dr. Horowitz learned the theory that 528 Hz frequency repairs damaged DNA from Lee Lorenzen, who was using the 528 Hertz frequency to create clustered water.

Clustered water is broken down in small stable rings or clusters. Our DNA have membranes that allow water to flow through and clear impurities. Because clustered water is smaller than bound water, it flows more easily through cell membranes and is more efficient in removing those impurities. The larger, bound water does not flow easily through cell membranes, and therefore the impurities remain and can eventually result in illness.

Richard J Saykally from UC Berkeley has explained that the structure of the water molecule gives it special properties and is essential for DNA’s function. Adequately hydrated DNA hold far greater energy potentials than dehydrated strands. Prof. Saykally and other genetics from the University of California, Berkeley have proven that a slight reduction of energized water bathing genetic matrices causes DNA to fail energetically.

Lee Lorenzen and other investigators discovered that six-sided, crystal-shaped, hexagonal clustered water molecules form the supportive matrix of healthy DNA. He suggests that the depletion of this matrix is a fundamental process that negatively affects virtually every physiological function. Biochemist Steve Chemiski says the 6-sided clear clusters that support the DNA double helix vibrate at a specific resonant frequency – 528 cycles per second.

Of course, all these revelations do not mean that 528 Hz will repair your DNA in a direct way. However, if the 528 Hertz can positively affect water clusters, then it can help to remove impurities allowing your body to become and remain healthy and balanced.



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Immortal Blood Combo

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