Gypsum Ormus

Ormus is normally high in magnesium due to the Dead Sea Salt so by adding gypsum powder to the mix this also adds a great source of calcium. Calcium works really well with Magnesium so this Ormus is even more beneficial for the entire body.

Gypsum (shi gao)

What is gypsum? What is it used for?

Although it is not an herb, gypsum is nevertheless a vital component of traditional Chinese medicine. It is actually a mineral composed of calcium, sulfur and small amounts of other elements.  Therefore it is used as a calcium dietary supplement today and even used to make tofu. The most common type of gypsum is fibrous gypsum, which is translucent and has a silky, satiny appearance.

It is found throughout the world, especially in the states of Texas and Louisiana in the U.S., and the Hubei, Anhui, Henan and Shandong provinces of China. It is typically found in old ocean beds and sedimentary rocks such as limestone. In addition to its healing properties, gypsum is used for jewelry and as an ornamental stone. A fine-grained variety of gypsum, known as alabaster, is also used in the creation of ornaments and statues.

In traditional Chinese medicine, gypsum has sweet, pungent and cold properties, and is associated with the Lung and Stomach meridians. Its main actions are to clear excess heat, particularly heat in the lungs and stomach. In modern times, gypsum is used for a variety of ailments, including high fevers, headaches, toothaches and painful gums. It is sometimes taken internally to quench one's thirst. Topically, gypsum can be applied to the skin to treat eczema, burns and some skin ulcers. It can be taken alone, but is usually employed with herbs such as indigo, coptis, ephedra and anemarrhea.

Throughout history there are many physicians who are skilled at using selenite. But apparently Zhang Xichun, one of great scholar-physicians in China, is the best of the best. He highly regards the medicinal properties of this herb and ever boldly reviewed that: “Gypsum is the No. 1 herb that really has the power to revive the dying. It works just like a charm in treatment of excess-heat type exogenous diseases.” In the sixth of volume 4 in his famous medical work of Yi Xue Zhong Zhong Can Xi Lu (Records of Heart-Felt Experiences in Medicine with Reference to the West), there are 23 medical cases and 38 herbal prescriptions recorded in the chapter of seasonal febrile diseases. Among them, as many as 27 prescriptions are based on gypsum. One of the outstanding examples is that he was accustomed to using it together with aspirin and reportedly this strange combination worked wonders in many tricky illnesses. So, in terms of the uses for gypsum rock according to syndrome differentiation, doctor Zhang Xichun has played a very important role. In summary, it has two major health benefits – treating profusely sweating and extreme thirst.

Magnesium and Calcium

Calcium and magnesium are both essential minerals that function as electrolytes within the body. This means they help transmit electrical impulses between nerve and muscle cells, and also help balance the amount of fluid inside and outside of cells. Calcium and magnesium work closely together, and the level of each must remain in balance with the other to regulate blood pressure and maintain a steady heartbeat. Your body can, however, absorb calcium without magnesium.


Calcium and magnesium play a vital role in regulating your heartbeat. Cells, including heart muscle cells, contain calcium inside of a specialized structure of the cell. The cell responds to electrical impulses by releasing calcium ions into the fluid portion of the cell therefore stimulating the cell to contract. The magnesium ions in the fluid portion of the cell produce electrical charges that force the calcium back into the cell structure, which triggers the cell to relax. Although magnesium does not affect the absorption of calcium in the body, it does control the transport of calcium across cell membranes. You must maintain a balance between calcium and magnesium to maintain a normal heartbeat and regulate your blood pressure.

More than 75% of Americans are calcium deficient, and more than one in 10 Americans either has, or is at risk of developing, osteoporosis or other bone diseases. Worse than that, calcium deficiency is responsible for nearly 150 different degenerative diseases, including obesity, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, high cholesterol, hypertension, allergies, cancer, and others. 

Gypsum Ormus

To make this Ormus I added equal parts of pharmaceutical grade gypsum, Natron, and  Dead Sea salt. I then added Structured distilled mountain water and mixed it all up. After washing it 3 times its ready to in-joy


Full Spectrum

Mental Clarity


Improves Vision

Increases Intuition

Sense of Calmness

Better Communication Between Cells

Ormus minerals made with pharmaceutical grade gypsum, Dead Sea Salt and harmonically structured water.

Just like how the tide is higher during the full moon, more Ormus elements are in the air during a full moon night. This explains why collecting dew during a full moon has more Ormus elements and why during a full moon people inhale more of these element which has effects on our behavior.

So when I make my Ormus I put it in a fish tank and put tubes from fish bubblers into the jars to pull these elements out of the air into the jar which then traps them in the solution. I also put a filter on top because of all the pollution in the air. Then I set it out in the moon light and take it inside in the morning. This makes for some potent Ormus. I put a pyramid on top and have a Tesla Purple Plate and Orgone in the tank to give good vibes during the birthing process also.

Ormus is the final result of a natural & ancient alchemical process beginning with salt from the Maldon Sea Salt and ending with isolated noble metals including osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, rhodium, silver, and palladium in a monoatomic form. Abundant research on this substance indicates it is superconductive and capable of carrying and transmitting 'light' or electromagnetic energy. Ormus is considered extremely important for full spectrum body building

Ormus appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit. It seems to increase mental clarity, focus, rejuvenation, sense of calmness and intuition. Some people have reported improved vision, better digestion and a decrease of menopausal symptoms.

Ormus seems to stimulate the body's elimination of toxins. It is good to drink plenty of water and do a liver cleanse if possible in the early stages of ingesting Ormus. Liver and kidneys are the main organs moving the toxins out of the blood and eliminating them from the body. If they are not functioning properly, harmful toxic build-up may occur in these organs. This is rarely the case though, especially when starting with suggested amount and only ingesting Ormus that is carefully tested for its purity.

There is a sense of expanded comprehension and strength that is due to the natural reaction your body is having to the noble metals in a high spin state. Ormus gives you a feeling of "bliss" and calmness that comes from a simultaneous earth and universal connection. Ormus appears to enhance and activate your full brain creating neurons to fire more efficiently and effectively, allowing for new possibility of thought, while old thought patterns that adhere to a lower vibration fade away.

Ormus also has ability to restore one's natural intuitive awareness. It aligns the individual with one's own personal genius , your innate skill that you came to share with the world. Ormus also enhances your ability to create, opening up possibilities, canceling out unwanted futures due to the increased vibrational state.


These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to prevent, cure or treat disease.


Gypsum Ormus

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