33-44 Salt

This is for one average sized salt jar (around 2 oz). Color may vary depending on batch. 

33-44 Salt is made from a blend of 33 different salts from around the world. Or you could say it's made from 44 different salts since one is a composite of 12 salts. With this salt you can make some potent Ormus or simply enjoy it as you would normal salt. For more information about any of the individual salts click on the link below:

   Afar Pearl Ormus   Alaea Hawaiian Ormus

Antarctic Ormus   Australian Murray River Ormus  Persian Blue Diamond Ormus

 Bolivian Rose Ormus      Dead Sea Ormus   

 Eden Ormus   Fleur de Sel Ormus        Celtic Gray Ormus 

 Hawaiian Black Lava Ormus  Jade Green Bamboo Ormus   Kala Namak Ormus 

 Kansas Ormus  King Ormus   Makai Ormus 

 Maldon M11 Ormus  Oryx Desert Ormus      

 Primordial Himalayan Ormus   Purple 9X Bamboo Ormus   


Sundance Sea Ormus     YellowStone Ormus

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33-44 Salt

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