Diabetes Colloidal Treatment

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Diabetes #1 Shame Of The "Orthodox" Doctors

"DIABETES is the number one shame of the "orthodox" doctors in the 20th century. Diabetes is easy to prevent, easy to cure and treat so you can avoid all of the terrible side effects (i.e. blindness, hypertension, amputations, early death, etc.). Since 1958, it has been known that supplemental chromium will prevent and treat diabetes as well as hypoglycemia. Just ask any health food store owner or N.D.! Walter Mertz (the director of the U.S.D.A. field services) published the facts associated with chromium and diabetes in the Federation Proceeding. Here is the ultimate case of a whole specialty of medicine which could be wiped out by universal chromium supplementation Nevertheless these facts are kept secret and away from the public for purely economic reasons.. Additionally, in 1985, the medical school at the University of Vancouver, BC, Canada stated that "vanadium will replace insulin for adult onset diabetics." Chromium/vanadium and the diabetes story should be on the front page of the newspaper in the same bold print as VE DAY instead of announcing things like artificial heart pumps that will temporarily save one life for $250,000!"

There are many minerals that seem to have been systematically removed form our diets. I say systematically as the root causes for Diabetes, heart disease, AIDs, cancer are clearly known and many of these diseases have been resolved in animals already*. Clearly the current disease epidemic is not merely a "mistake" made by well intentioned, albeit misguided mad scientists.

In addition to Chromium, Iodine that used be available in bread has been replaced with the toxic Bromine and now in some instances even removed from salt, when it is known that iodine is an essential element for the thyroid - on which our immune system literally depends! To further add insult to injury, the unsuspecting public yet again knowing subjected to water fluoridation to further depress the thyroid... It is a real testimonial to the creator given that with all these induced insults our bodies still continues to function. Sadly allowing continued abuse by the vested interests...

Athletes sweat out more minerals in five years than couch potatoes sweat out in 50 years. If you sweat out all of your copper and don't replace it you are at high risk of dying of a ruptured aneurysm. If you sweat out all of your selenium and don't replace it you're at high risk of developing a cardiomyopathy heart attack or cancer. If you sweat out all of your chromium and vanadium and don't replace it you're at high risk of developing adult onset or type 2 diabetes. If you sweat out all of your calcium, magnesium, and sulfur and don't replace them, you are at high risk of developing arthritis, osteoporosis, and kidney stones. (Page 141) QED

"....Almost 50 years ago the mineral chromium was established as an essential nutrient at the federal offices of the National Institutes of Health by Dr. Klaus Schwarz. It was precisely for its role in blood sugar metabolism that this trace element chromium was established as essential.

A molecule named Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) that corrected abnormal sugar metabolism was found to be composed primarily of the mineral chromium. Dr. Walter Mertz, then an assistant to Dr. Schwarz, reportedly noted at that time in 1959 “Type II diabetes is not a disease. It is the lack of a natural ingredient, known as GTF Chromium.”....

....Chromium works together with insulin in providing sugar to the cells for energy. If chromium levels decrease then sugar delivery to the cells from insulin decrease accordingly.

Modern medical terms such as “insulin resistance” and “insulin sensitivity” should be replaced by “gross chromium deficiency”. It is not that insulin is “resistant” or lacks “sensitivity,” but rather that insulin is lacking a vital – in fact essential – component for sugar metabolism that is this mineral chromium.

Insulin is a transport mechanism. It is like a truck that transports glucose to the cell. At the cell destination there is an insulin receptor site that is comparable to a loading dock. This is where the glucose is unloaded and passed into the cell. Chromium rich GTF molecules are in essence dock workers that assist the sugar (glucose) from the insulin “truck” at the insulin receptor site “loading dock” into the cell. If there are less and less GTF chromium “dock workers” then the work of providing sugar to the cells for energy slows and becomes unproductive. A traffic jam of insulin “trucks” in the blood stream results in higher and higher levels of blood sugar as the problem of chromium deficiency increases with the passing of time.....

....Whole wheat and raw sugar from sugar cane are rich in chromium. The refining of whole wheat into bleached, white flour removes 91 per cent of that chromium. The refining of raw sugar into white sugar removes 98 per cent of that chromium.

The refined flour and refined sugar are quickly reduced in the body into simple sugars that require chromium to be efficiently metabolized – chromium that is substantially no longer there. The most important component for your body to use the refined flour and refined sugar is very nearly entirely removed. This turns foods wholly good for you into those which are essentially unholy foods to you.....

...Quite literally every time you consume a refined, white flour or refined, white sugar product your body loses chromium....

....Dr. Henry Alfred Schroeder, M.D., Ph.D., graduate of Columbia and Yale, and professor at Dartmouth medical school wrote more than 30 years ago that “the typical American diet, with about 60 per cent of its calories from refined sugar, refined flour, and fat … was apparently designed not only to provide as little chromium as feasible, but to cause depletion of body stores of chromium.”

Dr. Schroeder compared tissue levels of chromium in teenagers and those 40 years of age in Americans to those of three other cultures that did not follow after Westernized dietary choices in Mideast, southeast Asian, and African communities. He discovered very little change in the non-American cultures but dramatic decreases in Americans. Almost 25 per cent of Americans had no detectable levels of chromium at all by the age of 40! That was more than 30 years ago and things have not gotten any better – if anything things are worse.

This is a significant part of the reason that the average age of adult onset (Type II) diabetes is continually decreasing. A hundred years ago diabetes was a disease primarily of old age. Now the average age is approaching 40.

There is a dramatic increase of children developing adult onset diabetes in the last ten years. Imagine that. Children are developing adult onset diabetes before they even become adults! The field of medicine is baffled but I am not baffled at all. This is only the logical end result of the SAD choices of the past 80+ years....

....Few, if any, scientific researchers of the last 100 years were more accredited and experienced researchers regarding cardiovascular health than the late Dr. Henry Alfred Schroeder, M.D., a long time Dartmouth University professor. Dr. Schroeder identified chromium deficiency as the primary cause of heart disease. I think that is a little overly simplistic, but chromium deficiency is most certainly a primary part of the problem with heart disease. Dr. Schroeder noted that cholesterol increases were linked to sinking levels of the trace element chromium more than 30 years ago.

Schroeder discovered that chromium was the factor that managed cholesterol as he wrote, “We found that chromium in the aorta was not detected (too low to be found) in almost every person dying of coronary artery disease, one manifestation of atherosclerosis, and was present in almost every aorta of persons dying accidentally.”

Cholesterol has been blamed for decades as a primary cause of heart disease. However, cholesterol problems are only an effect caused by a deficiency of chromium.

Schroeder wrote of “the typical American diet, with about 60 per cent of its calories from refined sugar, refined flour, and fat”. He noted that this diet “was apparently designed not only to provide as little chromium as feasible, but to cause depletion of body stores of chromium.”

As for chromium and other diseases – that is a very long list. Chromium has great importance at the cellular level from before you are born until the day you die.


Since 1980 when research first showed this trace mineral could lower blood sugars, tantalizing results have been found in studies of rodents and in a limited number of human studies. Vanadium, along with its heavier cousins, molybdenum and tungsten, can mimic insulin. In other words, in research done with cells, these minerals have literally been able to replace insulin.

The positive effects of vanadium at first appeared promising. Vanadium can improve sensitivity to insulin in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It has been shown in human studies to have some ability to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Areas of the world where vanadium (and selenium) levels are high in the soil have lower rates of heart disease. After oral intake, effects of the mineral are seen weeks to months later due to its accumulation in tissues like the kidneys and bone.

One specific study involved individuals who were trying to treat type 2 diabetes. They each  received 50 mg of vanadyl sulfate twice a day for four weeks, followed by a placebo for four weeks. At the end of the study, they were found to have a 20 percent reduction in average fasting blood sugar, which lasted well into the placebo period after the mineral was discontinued. The only reported adverse effect was minor gastrointestinal distress during the first few days of the study.


Indium is added to increase the mineral absorption rate.


All page citations from from a must read Dead Doctors Don't Lie by Dr. Joel D Wallach (Author), Dr. Ma Lan (Author)


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Diabetes Colloidal Treatment

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