MS/MD Colloidal Treatment

Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden have been leading science based, clinically verified, wholistic nutrition to support and promote the structure and function of the body and have had a key role in reversing "muscle disease" in the veterinarian industry.

Dr. Wallach has over 70 published peer reviewed publications and is a naturopathic physician as well as a veterinarian. He has written numerous books including Diseases of Exotic Animals: Medical and Surgical Management which is featured in The Smithsonian's Library. He has also been known for showing that Cystic Fibrosis is a simple Selenium deficiency and was nominated for the 1991 Noble Prize. Also with more than 150 million copies of his lecture, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" distributed makes that the most widely distributed health lecture in history.

For 40 years Labor Day was associated with Jerry’s Kids Telethon for MDA Up until 4 years ago. Then Jerry was cancelled without explanation to the public. He wasn’t even allowed to say goodbye like they said he could. The reason why he was let go is because he came to the MDA board with the cure for MDA from DR Joel Wallach, the mineral Selenium. The MDA told Jerry to take a cruise because if people find out there’s a cure then they won’t donate and they will be out of jobs.

This elixir contains colloidal Selenium, Yttrium and Indium was added to help increase the absorption rate. It is also recommend to take the rest of the 90 essential nutrients. I also offer a Multi Mineral so that you are getting over 30 of the other minerals your body needs to heal too which will dramatically increase the results.


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MS/MD Colloidal Treatment

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