Ketoret 11 Ormus Oil

The 11 spices used in creating the Ketoret are:

1.) Balsam - Colombia
2.) Onycha (or Cloves or Labdanum)
3.) Galbanum – Iran
4.) Royal Hojari Frankincense - Oman
5.) Myrrh - Yemen
6.) Cassia - Indonesia
7.) Spikenard - India
8.) Saffron - Iran

9.) Costus - India
10.) Siagon Aromatic Bark - Vietnam
11.) Cinnamon Ceylon - Sri Lanka

The additional ingredients used in making this Ketoret Ormus Oil are Olive Oil, Dead Sea Salt, and Sea 90.

Each product is made from organic or ethically wild crafted botanicals taking care to respect the Earth with no cheap fillers. 

There is some controversy regarding the exact nature of Onycha. Some feel its a mollusk from the Red Sea but others feel its probably labdanum. Because I dont believe animals should be harmed to make incense, I have used the luxurious labdanum resin. There are also many types of Frankincense and Myrrh so I have used the highest grades of each.

Ketoret  is the transliteration of the Hebrew word קטרת, which is translated, in English, as incense. The word ketoret means bonding or connecting. This bonding, as we shall see, is necessary to build the unity of the body of Mashiach. ketoret  is a substance which is associated with joy, prayer, and protection. Clearly, ketoret is a most unusual substance! 

As is written in the Torah:

Exodus 30:34-36, 7-8 HaShem said to Moses: Take yourself spices — balsam, onycha, and galbanum — spices and pure frankincense; they are all to be of equal weight. You are to make it into ketoret  (incense), a spice-compound, the handiwork of an expert spice-compounder, thoroughly mixed, pure and holy. You are to grind some of it finely and place some of it before the Testimony in the Tent of Appointment, where I shall designate a time to meet you; it shall be a holy of holies for you.

The Ketoret- The most powerful chemical substance on Earth 

The Ketoret. This was the incense commanded to be burned in the Holie of Holies by Aaron back in Moses day. It was comprised of 11 ingredients and had to be painstakingly made in a specific order and with the highest quality of these spices. To hear how it was done you’d think it was witchcraft. It was all based on numerology, the Kabbalah, and spiritual principals. Furthermore it was a secret how it was made because of its POWER TO HEAL. This incense can heal PLAGUES. It has done so in the past. (Num. 16:35) Furthermore it brings WEALTH to the priest who presents it. This was and is MAGICAL stuff. It was so delicate to administer that priests died if they did it wrong. 

Did you know they also found 600 kilos of INCENSE with The dead sea scrolls in Qumran?  Nobody’s talking about that and what they did with that. Is it in a Museum?? Now that was the REAL TREASURE they found.

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Ketoret 11 Ormus Oil

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