Ormus Kyphi

This is for 9 Ormus Kyphi Balls (Approximately 13 grams). These can be burned as incense or enjoyed as a breath mint. 

Kyphi is a compound incense that was used in Ancient Egypt for religious and medical purposes.

18 Ingredients used in making this Ormus Kyphi:

Enigma Ormus Wine

Noble 8 High PPM Elixir
24k White Powder Gold
Manuka Honey and Honey of Black Cumin Seed
Golden Raisins
Organic Medjool Dates
Pine Nuts
Yemeni Myrrh
Royal Hojari Frankincense 

Dragon’s Blood Resin
Mastic gum
Ceylon Cinnamon
Organic Mint Leaves
Calamus Root
Storax Bark
Lemon Grass
Spikenard Root

This is a picture of everything mixed together and drying except for the 24k WPG:

I then add the 24k WPG to the resin making a ball and let them dry out more. 

Finally I wrap them up and they are ready to enjoy

Kyphi is latinized from Greek κυ̑φι for Ancient Egyptian "kap-t", incense, from "kap", to perfume, to cense, to heat, to burn, to ignite. The word root also exists in Indo-European languages, with a similar meaning, like in Sanskrit कपि (kapi) "incense", Greek καπνός "smoke", and Latin vapor.

Kyphi was an ancient Egyptian incense concoction that was used as ceremonial incense to be burned at night and also was used as a sucking candy to freshen breath as well.

Among all the known ancient recipes for incenses that have been preserved for centuries, Kyphi is probably the most famous one. There are numerous written sources that give us different ingredients and different quantities for them. So most scientists presume that Kyphi was not one strict recipe, but rather a notion, that could be changed in a certain way. Most all of the recipes include wine, raisins, honey, and many different types of tree resins. 

Kyphi is a truly unique scent and can be used to purify and cleanse.  It also works well for all kinds of ritual and as offerings to night deities and helps bring prophetic dreams.


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Ormus Kyphi

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