12V DIY Colloidal Generator + Detoxing Foot Bath

Detoxing Foot bath

A 30 minute foot bath is an easy way to feel rejuvenated, get extremely healthy minerals and negative ions directly to the parts that need it in your body, while also detoxifying the organs in your body all at the same time. This could benefit everybody in so many different ways it’s too numerous to mention them all here.


Ionic foot baths work because most of us are acidic, and thus are deficient in negative ions. By absorbing the negative ions in the water through our feet, we can gracefully and effectively over time, bring our bodies back into balance and back into our power where we are consciously able to guide our bodies into full recovery from the modern world.

An acidic body is toxic, and that’s the kind of environment that the villains like viruses and cancer thrives in. Thus conversely we know that cancer cells cannot grow at an alkaline environment. The body’s acidity/alkalinity level is measured by pH (potential of hydrogen). Ionic foot baths can introduce negative ions back into the body, bringing the body closer to a balanced body pH of approximately 7.4.

There are thousands of chemicals in our environment and many of these contribute to cause body acidity. Many foods are deficient in nutrients in their natural composition, thereby removing the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself. None of these manmade chemicals belong inside us. Governments, corporations and media have greatly mislead the public regarding the truth of all these chemicals including, chemical trails, vaccines, vitamins, mercury fillings, processed food, microwaves, x-rays, junk food, pop, plastics, table salt, and more. Humans in power want a planet that is poisoned so that they could control our spiritual connection with God and limit our health, our reason, our brains, our personal power.

Acidic bodies are deficient in negative ions. Our bodies need enough "negative ions” to efficiently operate, measured by an optimum pH of 7.4. When we achieve an optimum pH, our body’s cells can do what they are designed to do and we will no longer get ill. Ionic foot baths use electricity, salt (preferabbly a non processed salt like Himalayan or Dead Sea Salt, or even better Ormus), water and stainless steel, to create negative ions. Ionic footbaths work because our feet are designed to absorb negative ions from mother earth; this artificially creates the ideal conditions through ionic foot baths for this natural ionic energy exchange.

Most people feel a greater sense of wellbeing after one treatment, however depending on your level of toxicity, 1 treatment/week for a few months is extremely beneficial. If your body tells you to go slow, then go slow, if your body tells you to go faster, then you can go faster. Listen to the messages your body sends you, rather than listening to what other people say. Drink lots of water, sweat, sauna, whatever helps flush your body after the foot bath, and put back in healthy clean food.

People ask about why the water turns different colors. This is because the PH of your body is reacting with the water and the color changes depending on what areas of your body need help the most. The general belief is that colors have unique vibrational energy signatures that may have some connection to organs in the body. No matter what, the feet are an excellent place for the body to absorb the healing negative ions, the extremely beneficial Ormus minerals, and to detoxify all the detrimental man-made chemicals.


Setting up the footbath is easy

Simply use comfortably warm water and fill up the container until it’s close to the top of the stainless steel plates. Warm water will open the pores and facilitate a greater energy exchange with the water.

Add approximately a tablespoon of sea salt and/or Ormus minerals into the water.

Attach negative and positive wires to each pole of the plates.

Now you can plug in the AC/DC Power Adapter. You should see some bubbling starting around the plates. 

Ease feet into the water for 20-30 min. It also helps to meditate and consciously release and ‘let go’ all that no longer serves you, into the footbath water. Drain water in toilet, or backyard, and rinse equipment. I would also suggest placing the plates inbetween your feet and switching the contact between the Red and Black clips between uses to better preserve the plates and it also helps balance the detoxing process of your body because oxygen comes of one plate and Hyrogen comes off the other.

*Please not only the AC/DC Power Adapter and the Stainless Steel plates are included. You will have to provide the container for your feet, the sea salt(ormus available separately) and the water yourself*

If you’re a DIY type I’d be happy to answer any questions you have to help you make one yourself.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks

To learn more about Making Your Own Minerals with this setup click here:


12V DIY Colloidal Generator + Detoxing Foot Bath

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