Ear Electrodes
  • 3.5mm (headphone size) ports. Use to stimulate the ears, fingers, etc. High quality and very durable. Contains one cable with two ear clips

When you play various frequencies through these Ear Electrodes it creates soothing, relaxing sensations on and around the ears which also affects the vagus nerve. It is a valuable tool for those suffering from stress, tension headaches and sleeplessness. Also those needing or wanting any nervous system or cerebral enhancements. Just like how plaque clogs the arteries, our nerves get buildup too so by administering these healing frequencies via the ear lobe, one can effectively detox their nervous system.

According to the Beck Literature, The BT5 alleviates addictions , stress, PTSD, withdrawal symptoms, sleep disorders, improves quality of sleep, restores memory and concentration.

Balancing the Brain With Bob Beck’s Bio-Tuner

Electro-therapy got its start during the days of the Roman Empire when Greek physicians had their patients stand on electric torpedo fish as a step to improve health in the first century AD. Scribonius Largus wrote: For any type of gout a live black torpedo should, when the pain begins, be placed under the feet … in this way Anteros, a freeman of Tiberius, was cured. … Headache even if it is chronic and unbearable is taken away and remedied forever by a live black torpedo placed on the spot which is in pain, until the pain ceases. And Claudius Galen wrote: Therefore I thought that the torpedo should be applied alive to the person who has the headache, … and could free the patient from pain … this I found to be so.

Electricity was harnessed for healing as early as 1747. A professor of experimental philosophy and mathematics in Geneva restored life to the paralyzed arm of a blacksmith using an electric current. Electricity was soon recognized as being a natural part of the life force. It was used extensively for healing until the early part of the 20th Century and the advent of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis, there are several models of early devices used to bring about healing by applying electrical stimulation to the brain. In modern times, research started as early as 1903 to help with insomnia. This research was known first as Electro-sleep and later as more applications were discovered the term Cranial Electrical Stimulation or CES was used.

Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc. conducted brain research and developed an improved EEG to read brain wave patterns in the 1970’s. When he read in 1983 about Dr. Meg Patterson’s success in helping rock star Peter Townshend overcome his drug addiction using a Black Box Brain Tuner he contacted her. These two research pioneers enjoyed several meetings. Patterson was committed to a large corporation so Bob Beck decided to develop his own Brain Tuner. With Bob’s genius, he was able to develop a unit that emitted all the key frequencies simultaneously. These frequencies include a special healing frequency Bob discovered from Russian researchers.

Full Article here: https://www.cesultra.com/blog/balancing-the-brain-or-cranial-electrical-stimulation/


Placement of the Electrodes



The electrodes go on the ear lobs with the metal part behind the ears. You might want to know how this happened. Traditionally the point for stimulation for electroacupuncture for certain types of surgery is .86, which is in the ear, the area that's called the heart lung point in classical acupuncture. Dr. Wen was inserting number 30 needles, I think it was 3 tenths of a millimeter beneath the surface of the skin at a 30 degree angle. And he was putting—this is all in the open literature—alligator clips to these needles. Meg Patterson found a spot on the mastoid process right up here at the top of the ear, using external electrodes, not penetrating the skin, no blood and guts, that was just as effective. The neural-systems people, in doing a study, found that by far the most effective spot is this little hollow behind the TMG, the temporomandibular joint. This accesses various acupuncture points on what's called the triple warmer.

How accurately does it need to be placed? With electroacupuncture, anywhere between a half and three quarters of an inch will still hit it because the current is diffused. The electrons being of light charge will disperse through the body, so anywhere near that is effective.


How should it feel?

If you are using these Ear Electrodes with a Beck Bio Tuner device (Also called a CES or a TENS Unit) you will feel a slight tingling of electricity in the ears. When turned up to full power this can be disturbing to some. But I found out if you are just using the Ear Electrodes plugged into your phone or laptop to play an audio frequency then you will feel no electric tingling and still reap the benefits.

Multiple times I tried just playing just the Bio Tuner Frequencies through the ear electrodes and I had extremely vivid lucid dreams that following night. I then tried it with the BT-5 Beck Bio Tuner device and got the same effects but even more intense. So you can get some benefits from just using the Ear Electrodes and playing the frequencies through them. There is no need to buy a special device unless you just wish to have a separate device used solely for this healing purpose. Also some people don't like the electric tingling sensation so by just playing the frequencies you avoid this.

I stocked up on these Ear Electrodes so you can just play any frequencies through it using whatever device you wish that has a standard 3.5 audio jack. The following are a list of the recommended frequencies used:

7.8 hz Earth

10 hz Serotonin Release

10.5 hz Healing Body and Mind

11 hz Stress Reduction

20 hz Euphoria

55 hz Kundilini

111.11 hz Beta Endorphins Cell Regeneration

1000 hz Cerebral Neurons

 All of these frequencies can be found in this audio/video file:


I suggest starting off with one 30 minutes session and then see how you feel sleeping that night and the next day. Then you can move up to daily or weekly sessions as desired. Drinking lots of water afterwards is suggested since your body will want to detox from the vagus nerve stimulation. No longer than 40 minutes at a time is recommended. One can have up to 3 spread out throughout the day 40 minute sessions per day for extreme cases. 



Note These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not indended to cure or treat any disease

Ear Electrodes

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