Iron Mjolnir Pipe

This is a Thor's hammer smoking pipe 3d printed with Iron infused PLA.

This contains real metal particles, and plastic and has the properties of both so it is responsive to magnets and will rust. It can be sanded and polished to really shine up. I've seen other people use a rock tumbler so I'm experimenting with that currently. If I get to where I get a good process where I can polish them up I will offer that as an optional upgrade.

One could also use a Patina to make it look aged which could be another upgrade. 

 Currently there is an option for the handle to be painted by me with brown paint or you can do it yourself and I'll leave it all the same solid color.

If you want to do touch ups the paint I use can be found here:'s-Acrylic-Craft-Paint/p/453 

This comes with one glass bowl. Replacement bowls can be found here:



 This hammer also comes with a black stand with white lettering that glows in the dark green "I AM WORTHY"

If you have a 3d printer you can print your own with this file for FREE:

Use at your own risk


Iron Mjolnir Pipe

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