Colloidal Graphite

Graphite owes its name to the Greek term ‘grahein' which denotes ‘to write'. Hence, it is not surprising that this form of carbon constitutes the major part of pencils. In effect, graphite has numerous uses. While it is used to prepare a homeopathic remedy called Graphites, this carbon form has various industrial uses too, such as polishes, lubricants, batteries as well as electric motors.

The homeopathic remedy graphites is prepared using powdered form of pure graphite, a mineral in the form of carbon, and is used to treat different and dissimilar ailments, especially skin conditions.

In homeopathy, the efficacy of the remedy graphites was established by none other than Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of this alternative stream of medicine. Hahnemann had come to know that workers in a mirror factory were applying graphite powder to cure their cold sores (a vesicular eruption on the face, usually near the mouth). Over the years, it has been proved that the homeopathic remedy graphites is an excellent remedy for skin conditions as well as metabolic problems. In effect, most of us are very familiar with the mineral graphite and many also depend on this mineral for traces of iron contained by it. Although graphite has several common uses, it is of particular importance in the homeopathic world. In effect, this mineral is of such great significance that it has been developed into a homeopathic medication known as graphites that offers immense curative help as well as relief to people who might be requiring it for the specific health conditions they might be enduring.

Although the homeopathic medication graphites is not usually believed to be a constitutional cure, many people actually resonate to this medication all through the major part of their lives. However, this should not seem surprising since graphites is a medication meant for treating chronic or persistent health conditions.

One of the main causes why homeopathic practitioners as well as the common people generally miss graphites as being a constitutional type is because people belonging to the Graphites type often have very few or no prominent features. Such individuals are usually gentle, quite, inconspicuous and straightforward people who can be best described as normal and pleasant individuals by people who are acquainted to them. Another major reason why individuals belonging to the Graphites type are generally missed as being the constitutional types is that these people actually have close resemblance to many other types - mentally as well as physically. As a result of this, many of the people requiring the homeopathic remedy graphites are often given other homeopathic medications such as pulsatilla, calcarea and/ or natrum muriaticum as these types share many common traits with the Graphites type individuals. Hence, it is needless to say that giving homeopathic remedies like calcarea, natrum muriaticum or pulsatilla to the Graphites types does not have any effect on them.

Individuals who respond best to the homeopathic remedy graphites are those who in nature are oriented physically. Such people are generally very practical in nature and have a preference of action rather than just discussions. In fact, graphites is the most appropriate homeopathic remedy for people who appear to be excellent in coping with any situation in life, but who have a tendency to become very lethargic quite easily. Occasionally, such individuals may feel very temperamental and also suffer from symptoms associated with this emotional frame of mind.

The homeopathic remedy graphites has the potential to provide a variety of help in specific health conditions. Graphite powder is the active ingredient of this medication. Graphites is prepared by triturating or pulverizing graphite powder with milk sugar (lactose) with a view to make it soluble. When the mixture is dissolved in water, it is diluted and succussed frequently to the desired levels. The resultant solution is the homeopathic remedy graphites that does not retain the slightest trace of the original substance graphite and is effective in curing a variety of ailments.


The homeopathic remedy graphites is used to treat a number of ailments, but it is a vital therapy for skin disorders, particularly weeping eczema, accompanied by a discharge resembling honey that generally occurs at the back of the ears and the knees, on the palms of the hand and even on the nipples.

In homeopathy, graphites is an appropriate medication for individuals suffering from metabolic imbalance that may result in skin disorders, for instance, dry, cracked skin, psoriasis, cuts that become infected quite easily and ooze pus, keloids (elevated, scratchy scars), scar tissues that turn firm, and deformed nails wherein the nails are usually thick, cracked and distorted. In addition, some people suffering from metabolic imbalance may also become obese as their body is not able to soak up the nutrients appropriately. In such cases, turning to graphites not only helps to cure the main health condition, but also provides relief or prevents the associated symptoms.

In addition to being an effective remedy for skin complaints, graphites is also useful for curing ulcers that may be a result of weakness in the stomach lining. People suffering from such type of ulcers feel better when they are lying down or consume any hot food. However, such ulcers have the potential to change into skin complaints. Homeopathic practitioners also recommend graphites for people enduring hair loss, cold sore, infrequent hot sweat followed by bleeding from the nose, spasms and lack of sensation in the hands and feet as well as distended glands.

In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also appropriate for copious production of mucus, particularly when blowing your nose hurts owing to the cracks on the skin. While this particular condition may also come together with eczema, turning to graphites helps to treat the original health problem and also alleviate or prevent the associated symptoms.

Graphites is also a beneficial for women. Generally, homeopathic physicians prescribe this remedy for women enduring sporadic, scarce or complete absence of menstruation flow. It is also given to women who have distended ovaries, delayed menstruation accompanied by constipation as well as those suffering from swollen and tender breasts.

Homeopaths also recommend taking graphites for curing nails that may possibly become dehydrated, cracked as well as aching. In such conditions, the skin in the region of the nails may bleed and these areas may easily become infected. Some patients having old scars may find them opening up and become raw once again. Using the homeopathic remedy graphites may be of great help in curing all these conditions and related symptoms.

Graphites has also been proved to be an effective remedy for mental problems and, hence, it is not surprising that several people turn to this homeopathic remedy to cure the mental disorders they might be enduring. The mental issues that may be cured by taking the homeopathic remedy graphites may perhaps comprise conditions, such as lack of self-assurance, suffering from self-doubt and also timidity. In effect, graphites is an appropriate homeopathic medication that helps people having a negative attitude and also a penchant to see the most awful in certain conditions.

The homeopathic remedy has been found to be most suitable to cure symptoms, such as the eyes turning reddish and irritated accompanied by some kind of discharge. In addition, patients enduring this condition may also experience scratching and discharge in their ears. Such people may also experience breathing as well as hearing problems. When all other therapies fail to provide relief from these conditions, most people generally turn to the homeopathic remedy graphites, which has the potential to provide immense help in alleviating these problems.

Graphites is also an useful homeopathic medication for treating digestive problems, wherein the condition is accompanied with symptoms, such as bloating, flatulence and constipation. People suffering from this type of digestive disorder may possibly or may not suffer from stomach cramps, but they may experience burning sensation or hemorrhoids in the affected region. In such cases, the patients usually experience excruciating pain in the stomach and they may also have a change in their desire for food. Turning to graphites helps to cure the stomach disorder as well as alleviate the accompanying symptoms.

While the health benefits offered by graphites to women have already discussed above, it may be noted that this homeopathic remedy is also useful for men suffering from certain sexual dysfunctions. In fact, graphites may prove to be an effective medication for men who have been suffering from impotence or might have a very high libido at a very early age. When such people turn to the homeopathic remedy graphites, they find quick relief from these bothersome problems.


Graphite assits in chakra alignment healing. Graphite also assists to help one take command of ones life. Graphite promotes and improves ones automatic writing abilities and communication skills, whilst stimulating thought and mathematical prowess. Graphite helps reduce anger and hostility.

Colloidal Graphite

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